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Diggs is a Gamecock

South Carolina picked up a legacy recruit when defensive back Jordan Diggs (Cape Coral, Fla./Island Coast) announced live at the Army All-American game for the Gamecocks over Vanderbilt and Tennessee.

Diggs will continue the family legacy and play for the Gamecocks.

He also held offers from Michigan State, Nebraska, Auburn, Boston College, UCONN, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Minnesota, Ole Miss, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Purdue, South Florida, Stanford, UCF, Wake Forest, and West Virginia.

South Carolina planned to sign one prospect for the Spur position and Diggs was the guy they targeted for that position. He will play Spur for the Gamecocks. Diggs finished his junior season with 52 tackles and two interceptions. He finished his sophomore season with 63 tackles and three interceptions.

“I love everything about the position,” Diggs said about the Spur position during his recruitment. “That position is Jordan Diggs. You have to play the run and the pass. It is a guy that makes a lot of plays and you have a nose for the ball. It would showcase to the NFL scouts what they want to see.”

The 6-foot-2, 190-pounder took his official visit to South Carolina the weekend of Nov. 25 for the Clemson game. He also visited Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Nebraska, and Michigan State on official visits.

South Carolina quarterbacks coach G.A. Mangus is the recruiter for Diggs. South Carolina special teams coach John Butler was also heavily involved.

“Coach (Steve) Spurrier, the Ol’ Ball coach,” Diggs told 247Sports earlier this week about what he liked about the Gamecocks. “Being that I have family ties to Carolina, just taking my visits. I got a chance to go up there and see them play Clemson, one of their biggest games of the year. It was awesome and I was definitely impressed by their game atmosphere and getting a chance to see what they have going on and meeting some of the players. It was cool.”

South Carolina has always been in good position for Diggs considering his father, Shed Diggs, played linebacker for the Gamecocks.

Diggs is a four-star prospect according to 247Sports and has a 93 rating.

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