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Hall talks Carolina commitment

The Frank Martin recruiting era kicked off with a bang on Thursday night when wing Thaddeus Hall (Brooklyn, N.Y./Jefferson) pledged to the Gamecocks.

Guard Thaddeus Hall

“I called about 9 o’clock and committed,” Hall said. “I just wanted to commit to a college so I would not have to worry about it and I would be able to focus on school.”

The bond between Hall and Martin has developed pretty strongly over the past few weeks. When Hall decided South Carolina was the place, it was the Gamecock head coach who got the good news phone call.

“I called Frank Martin personally,” Hall said. “He was excited and had made a good impression on me. I know he will make me a better basketball player and a better person before I graduate.”

The 6-foot-5 wing has not visited the South Carolina campus but made the decision based on Martin and a few other factors.

“It was mainly Coach Martin,” Hall said. “I have seen some pictures and video of their campus though and it seems really nice. I also have family down there and they were telling me great things about the place so it seemed like the right decision.”

With his college decision out of the way Hall will now focus on getting qualified to attend South Carolina next season.

“I am taking the SAT on May 5,” Hall said. “After that I am going to head down and check out the campus and get ready to be a Gamecock. Everybody said I wasn’t going to qualify but I am going to show everybody they were wrong and I will be ready to go next season.”

With Hall’s commitment, the Gamecocks have nine players on scholarship next season. Post Mindaugas Kacincas is currently on campus for an official visit and point guard Tarik Phillips is scheduled to be in this weekend.

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