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Horn out at Carolina

After four seasons at the helm at South Carolina, head coach Darrin Horn was relieved of his duties on Tuesday after a 10-21 season that ended last week with a first-round loss in the SEC Tournament. Horn finished his career with a 60-63 record. A press conference has been set for 1:30 p.m. to make the announcement.

Athletic director Eric Hyman had his standard end-of season meeting with Horn on Tuesday Shortly following the meeting, word came down that Horn would be relieved of his duties.

After winning a share of the SEC East title in his first season at South Carolina, Horn had three consecutive losing seasons. He failed to lead the team to the NCAA Tournament in any season and only made the NIT during his first season with the Gamecocks.

Horn was 0-5 in postseason games, which included a first-round loss to Davidson in the NIT and an 0-4 performance in the SEC Tournament.

Under Horn, there were very few off-the-court issues. The players stayed out of trouble and performed admirably in the classroom. South Carolina had a single-year APR of 978 in the latest reporting period, which lifted its four-year rolling total to 930.

Despite its off-the-court performance, the decision was made by Hyman to make a change given the on-the-court performance. South Carolina did not have a single player win weekly conference awards and did not place any player on the All-SEC first, second, or third teams. Post player Damontre Harris did earn All-Defensive Team honors.

Horn is owed $800,000 for each year remaining on his contract, which runs through March 31, 2015. He is owed a $2.4 million buyout based on time remaining. He’s also owed an additional $100,000 in a tax-deferred compensation plan.

The search for a new coach will begin immediately, but it’s unlikely to happen quickly. Some of the top targets for Hyman will be in the NCAA Tournament, which begins on Thursday, March 15.

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