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Spurrier speaks on Sunday

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier met with the media on Sunday afternoon to talk a little bit about the upcoming game against Tennessee.

Opening comments

They’re a pretty good team. They just lost their quarterback. They’re probably not doing quite as well as they’d hoped, but they’re certainly very capable.

Tennessee took the redshirt off Justin Worley last night. How do you evaluate whether to redshirt a player and would you take one off this late?

I don’t know what his decisions were. I guess he wants to play the young man the rest of the season. What we try to do, if a guy isn’t going to play very much and he isn’t going to play very much, we’ll try to redshirt him his first year. If it looks like he’s going to play and help the team, we’re going to play him. Simple as that. I would think that Tennessee is probably planning on giving that player a little more opportunity. We’re only in the middle of the season. We’re not that far towards the end.

Would you go over the depth chart at running back?

Brandon Wilds is our starter right now. He’s been here all year, he’s been practicing, and he’s ready to go. Hopefully Kenny Miles will be able to practice some this week and tell us he’s ready to play. We’ll see how practice goes, but hopefully he’ll be ready. Other than that, Eric Baker may be coming off his ankle injury. If not, Josh Hinch, a walk-on running back from Knoxville, Tennessee of all places, would be the next to go in there.

What’s your practice schedule like this week?

We have our normal schedule. The players will hopefully all be back tonight, go to class Monday, and report the same time we always do Monday afternoon and report Monday night.

If Ron Morris comes to the Tuesday press conference, will you speak?

I’m speaking to whoever shows up to the media from here on out. Like I said last week, that was a one-time deal. It’s history.

Can the defense take advantage of a Tennessee offense without Tyler Bray?

They probably are feeling the loss of Tyler Bray. He’s a very good quarterback. I liked watching him play against other people. He hit a bunch of passes last year against us last year also. That’s sometimes what happens in football. When you lose your quarterback - the Indianapolis colts are fairing too good right now. The loss of a good quarterback is something hard to overcome. If you have a really, really solid team in other areas, it gives you hope that losing a quarterback will not be devastating.

More on Tennessee…

They played toe-to-toe at Alabama for a half. I don’t know what happened the second half. They certainly didn’t play like they did the first half. They’re certainly very capable of playing well, defensively. I know that. They ran the ball pretty good the first half. Didn’t do much the second half, but that game is history. That game is history, just like our game we played last. This game will stand on its own merit. Who probably prepares the best and plays the best will probably win this game in Knoxville.

Will you try to try to keep your team from watching the Georgia-Florida game?

Not particularly. We don’t tell our guys not to watch the games that are on. We’ll probably be on the bus headed to the stadium around 4 o’clock or something. We’ll probably watch a little bit of it.

Will the guys be distracted watching it?

I don’t think so. We all got three games left. It’s way too early to worry about that kind of stuff. You don’t need to worry about it. You need to worry about your own performance, assignments, and so forth.

We have no control over that game in Jacksonville. We need to worry about the game in Knoxville. That’s the one we have some control over.

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