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Time was right for Anderson

EVANS, Ga. - The time was right on Monday for Kyle Anderson (Evans, Ga./Evans). After weighing offers from the two major in-state programs plus South Carolina, the class of 2015 left-handed pitcher decided the time was right to pledge to the Gamecocks.

Class of 2015 left-handed pitcher Kyle Anderson committed to South Carolina on Monday afternoon

Kyle Anderson, along with his twin brother, Matt, are two of the hottest prospects in the Peach State in their recruiting class, which prompted pitching coach Jerry Meyers to head to Georgia for his first game in the March evaluation period. The brothers have been in camps at South Carolina and been on visits and Kyle Anderson got the feeling during his weekend trip to Columbia that he was ready to make a decision.

The brothers have done nearly everything together all their lives but Kyle Anderson was ready to commit his future to South Carolina.

“Once I saw the facilities, saw the campus, and sat down and talk to the coaches, I just fell in love with it,” Kyle Anderson said. “I was hooked immediately. That’s really how I came to realize that’s where I wanted to go.”

Early Monday afternoon, Kyle Anderson called Meyers to give him the news that he had made his decision. The phone call went unanswered at the time but South Carolina’s newest commitment left a message. He smiled and said he didn’t remember exactly what he said on Meyers’ voicemail, but he knew he was excited to finally be a Gamecock.

On Monday after practice, Kyle Anderson grabbed his phone to call Meyers again and found a congratulatory text message from current South Carolina senior Nolan Belcher, a former pitcher at Greenbrier High School, which is Evans High School’s rival.

Belcher and the Anderson family have become close over the last nine years and Kyle said that conversations with the current Carolina weekend starting pitcher played a big role in his commitment.

“I’ve always been in love with South Carolina,” Kyle Anderson said. “The last couple of years, they’ve succeeded, not only in championships but what they’ve done as a team and a school.”

After responding to Belcher and listening to a sports talk personality discuss his commitment on a local radio show, Kyle Anderson gave Meyers another shout to talk.

Anderson pitched at Carolina Stadium at a camp in January

Meyers has a few years to wait before he has a chance to work with Kyle Anderson on the mound at Carolina Stadium but he believes he’ll get a special pitcher. The southpaw has great command of the zone and an 82-84 mph fastball that will increase in velocity over the next few years.

“Being recruited by South Carolina, Georgia, and Georgia Tech has made me realize I am a good pitcher,” Kyle Anderson said. “I can throw any pitch I want to in any situation and my team can back me up.”

In addition to his fastball, Kyle Anderson also throws a curve ball and changeup. When he’s not pitching, he will play first base or serve as the team’s designated hitter.

He got back on the mound last week and started on Friday night after missing two weeks with migraine headaches that resulted in a brief stint in the hospital. He’s healthy now and ready to help his Evans High School squad get its season back on the right track.

“It’s been kind of a roller coaster,” Kyle Anderson said. “We’ve had a couple of exciting wins but some really rough losses, but that’s baseball. Our goal is to go as far as we can and get to the state championship. We still have a long way to go, it’s still early in the season, so who knows.”

In his return, Kyle Anderson pitched four innings against Greenbrier and allowed five runs, some of which were unearned, on eight hits. He struck out five in the game. In his previous start, with Meyers in attendance, against Westside, he pitched five scoreless innings allowing five hits and had seven strikeouts.

Kyle Anderson, always quick to give credit to God for all of his accomplishments on the baseball field, knew the time was right on Monday to pledge to South Carolina. Now he’ll turn his focus to his high school team as pitcher and hitter but also to his brother in the role of recruiter.

The time wasn’t quite right for Matt Anderson but Kyle was ready and now he’s a Gamecock.

Insider Notes on Anderson

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