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Thornwell coming 'home' to Carolina

South Carolina picked up a big piece of the puzzle on Monday night when Sindarius Thornwell committed to head coach Frank Martin and his staff. It was a decision he knew was coming and decided there was no reason to wait around.

Class of 2013 wing Sindarius Thornwell committed to the Gamecocks on Monday night

“I feel comfortable with Coach Frank and I believe in him,” Thornwell told TheBigSpur. “I feel closer to them than I do to North Carolina State.”

Thornwell decided around 7:30 p.m. on Monday to make the commitment but ran into one little snag trying to inform the Gamecocks.

“I called Coach Frank to let him know my decision but couldn’t get in touch with him,” he said. “So then I called coach Lamont (Evans) and told him. I could hear how excited he was. He asked if I had spoken with Coach Frank and he told me that we needed to wake his (rear end) up now and get him the good news.”

When spoke with Thornwell he had yet to inform Martin of his decision to attend South Carolina. During the conversation, Martin beeped in to receive the news but Thornwell, before taking the call of his future head coach, finished by talking about why he choose the Gamecocks.

“It is home,” he said. “I have never been a recruit with them but I have always felt like a priority. I always felt comfortable and good with them which is what matters the most.”

Thornwell joins Desmond Ringer in the class of 2013 for the Gamecocks. The 6-foot-5, 195-pounder is ranked No. 37 nationally by 247Sports and has a 247Composite ranking as No. 31 in the country. He is the No. 8 shooting guard with a 96 rating.

Insider Notes on Thornwell

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