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call me cynical

  • An Indiana teacher is on leave today after he wrote a variety of threats for his students on his classroom’s chalkboard. According to a report in NBC Chicago, Indiana’s Lake Station Schools Superintendent said that his district responded to the hostile messages by putting the teacher on leave and investigating the incident. The teacher, who has not been identified, is a business instructor who has worked at the school for nearly 30 years. The district superintendent said that the instructor has no history of instability.
    School officials found (the message) after a student snapped a photo and posted it to Facebook, CBS Chicago reported. The teacher wouldn't be at school on Tuesday and Wednesday. The school was investigating the incident and weighing a punishment.

    School officials reached out to parents on Monday to let them know that the students were never in danger.

    Must have been another one of those excellent opportunities to impart a teaching point.

    In an unrelated story - A seven year-old elementary school student from Baltimore was suspended from school for two days after a teacher saw him eating a Pop-Tart pastry and said she thought it looked like he was shaping it into a gun.

    I wonder if the school officials reached out to parents to let them know that the other students were never in danger.

  • given the size of our nation, its probably inevitable there are idiot teachers. and administrators. its as well true of state and local governments across the nation, lawyers, dentists, shoe salesmen...they all have rogue elements

    given the fact american children are growing up fat stupid & as ignorant as their parental units, i cant blame the occasional teacher from going crazy

    schools are charged with educating an unruly bunch of little pukes. they have to protect the little grunts from outsiders & each other.

    schools work well when american is not suffering a mental breakdown. it is, so get over it.

    i can supply weirder behavior on the part of other professions...but i wonder, why school teachers

    did one particularly hurt you as a child? too bad you could not have gone to one of the christian academies...nothing bad ever happens there like child abuse...or a catholic school...thats the ticket

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  • It's a shame that some have reduced the problems of America to a set of statistical anomalies.

    I'm quite certain you could enumerate several examples of malfeasance and misguidance prevalent in other professions but for some unknown reason I do not worry as much about the influence of insurance salesman and Al Bundy type shoe salesmen on the moral fiber and social outcome of our children.

    There is a heavy burden indeed being place on the educators of our youth especially with the need to protect them from each other. I can certainly agree with the need to punish and suspend children for possession of a pop tart being formed into the shape of a gun.

  • CockAtLaw

    I agree 100%. That is why I am so concerned about the persistant and public attempts in our country to discredit the scientific method. Math and science education are going to be the keys in America's continued success in the world economy, yet we have a large block of citizens who not only refuse to accept scientific findings as the best available explanation of events based on observable data, but also go out of their way to actively encourage young people to ignore the evidence and findings as well.

    If we want to make sure our children are competitive in a global economy built on science and math education, it sure would be nice if we could all agree that teaching science and the scientific method is important for their futures.

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    You may run like Hayes, but you hit like $*!#

  • that the state of lousiana wants to teach kids that people & dinosaurs wandered the earth at the same time, this does not bother john

    overreaction to pop tart art is clearly silly. but, ours is a silly nation. for example, we have lots of wrinkling old people all ticked off about socialistic programs, other than their own

    we have tons of moronic baffoons rushing out to buy stuff they think will be taken away from them by black helicopters

    what do i worry about today. a rogue teacher or a nut doomsday prepper with a missing chromosome?

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  • 81 Alumnus

    Yeah. Damn teachers. How come only five of them and the principal died protecting the children at Sandy Hook?

    Evil came to Sandy Hook School and met courag

    When evil came to Sandy Hook Elementary School, goodness and strength rose up to meet it. No doubt, the depravity of the killings hangs like a pall over our state. We are bereft. The nation -
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