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**1st half SG Impressions**

  • Watching the game on ESPN3 and the production and commentating are pretty poor, so I'll do my best.

    Dylan Thompson has looked pretty good. Very bad pick to start the game, but looked in control the rest of his time.
    Brendan Nos. has a short arm throwing motion. Like he doesn't fully trust where he's about to throw it.
    Perry Orth can definitely throw hard, but he hasn't been very accurate.
    Connor Mitch has just started getting some action. Had a nice throw over the top to Jerrel Adams. Hasn't really done much else.

    I've taken a lot of slack for saying Brandon Wilds' best position is FB. That is not to say he is not a very capable college RB, because he is. He has very good burst. He's a savvy runner. And he finishes plays off. Very solid RB.

    *****That said, I have to disagree with reports coming out of spring practice. Mike Davis will be our starter. One of Brandon Wilds' weaknesses is that he can't plant, cut, and change direction when the hole isn't there and another one opens up. I refer to the first series. Wilds had two pretty good runs to get us to 3rd and short. They gave it to him again. He ran to the line, a hole to his right opened up, but it took him a couple extra steps to stop himself and change direction. The DL was able to get to him and stop him short. Davis makes that cut and get the first down and a lot more. The coaches and himself really need to make sure Davis is ready and knows what he's supposed to do on each play, because he is the guy here. He has better burst, better speed, better cutting ability, and he finishes plays off just as strong as Wilds. Wilds is a very good player and we need him at RB and he will play a lot, but there are lots of very good players on the roster. We need to find game breakers. Mike Davis could be a game breaker***

    Kendrick Sally looked pretty good out there. Like a less explosive Mike Davis. We'll definitely get good use out of him over the course of his career if he keeps working at it.

    Shaq Roland has caught everything thrown to him. He looks okay. Didn't really do much to stand out or show he's ready to be a big time play maker.
    Bruce didn't do a whole lot, but we all know he has the ability to be a game breaker.
    Shamier Jeffery honestly looks a lot better than I thought he would. I've vocally had my doubts about how good a smaller Alshon Jeffery could really be. He had a drop, but he looked a lot quicker than I thought he could be. He can be a solid 2nd or 3rd option for us.
    -Nick Jones had a couple nice plays. I think they were both seam routes. Really fearless for a guy his size.

    If they can block, (and I only say this because its hard to tell from watching spring games, not because there are reports otherwise) then we have an embarrassment of wealth at TE. Buster is a very good player in his own right. Drew Owens can provide us with good minutes, but Jerrell Adams will be a mismatch for the other team no matter who we play all year. The coaches need to make sure he is ready as well. Like I said we need game breakers, and he has all the tools to be one.

    Seemed to play pretty well. Shell struggled a few time against Mason Harris. So hard for me to tell how they're actually doing with no blitzing and that I tend to just follow the ball on plays.

    I think this will be a decent group next year, if they stayed the way they are right now. But if Davis, Jerrell, Bruce step up, and if the OL gels enough to be a top half unit in the SEC, this could be a very good offense regardless of whether its Shaw or Dylan back there. Would definitely like to see someone take over leadership out there.


    It was really hard to tell how good they were or weren't doing. Some holes opened up on them. They stuffed the run a lot too. They got pressure on the QB at times, and didn't at times. Obviously a lot will change when Clowney is out there.

    I've been vocal about our defense taking a step back because we lose 5 decent LBers and team leaders, but to be honest, this new group looks a bit bigger and more athletic. There will probably be some growing pains, but there is above average talent to work with here, where I think our LB talent was very average last year. Holloman, and Rainey looked like prototypical SEC LBers out there.

    Vic looked like Vic, looked pretty good in man coverage, missed a tackle early on Wilds. Jesse Dukes looks like he could be a Marty Markett type CB for us this year. Didn't see much of anyone else.

    -Chaz Elder had a nice pick at the start. Fleetwood helped out on a great hit early in the game. Didn't see to much else out of them.

    Pleasantly surprised by the linebackers and Jesse Dukes. Really didn't get a great feel for the secondary or DL. We need leaders to step up, Jimmy Legree and another CB to step up, and if we do I think this Defense will be just as good as last years. If that doesn't happen, then we'll take a step back.

    Final note-I think our schedule gives us a shot at the East regardless, but I would feel a lot better if leadership steps up and if some of our younger play makers grew up real fast. also, guys like Jimmy Legree, Damiere Byrd, Shaq Roland, Chaz Elder, Brandon Shell and Brison Willams could make this team great if they all took their game to a higher level.

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  • One thing it was actually #60 that struggled against mason Harris. First team OL was very good and AJ Cann was great.

  • I just assumed it was shell because it came from the right side. The screen was very blurry, I couldn't make out the numbers, and the announcers really didn't seem particularly concerned about saying the players' names.

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    Ally will beat the crap out of Uga.

  • Thanks for the report. Very good one.

    Since I haven't seen spring game, I will take your word for Davis over Wilds at RB. But what I have seen on the field in games Wilds was the better RB in my opinion. I thought he was really good two years ago when Latt went down.

    Either way I think we have two good ones.

    Thanks again for the report.

  • Nice post. One of the things that you're wrong about is that Wilds isn't a FB......he doesn't have the build to play FB.

  • I also thought he was really good two years ago. It's not about him not being good, it's that Davis can be special.

    Also, it looks like the coaches just named Davis the starter coming out of the spring.