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Ace Sanders

  • I agree 100%. He might have to work harder than a Calvin Johnson, or an Alshon Jeffrey. But he proved this year just how tough he can be. One thing I saw that I really admired is how seriously he took every play. Watch him after every play he's involved in, the young man is passionate, and that'll take him far.
    It's a fact that small receivers can be huge assets in the NFL. Look at steve smith, the guy is 5'9 and has been the single most consistent for the panthers for a decade. (Not that it has helped any, one day the Panthers will start winning again....I believe).
    My thought on the subject is that next year is a great opportunity for him to up his draft stock even more than he did this year. Our defense is most likely going to be down a notch with so many graduating, odds are we'll absolutely have to pass more. Plus the fact that this season we've shown the possibility of being an efficient passing team. He caught the eye of espn this year, give him 2 or 3 big plays next year and people will be raving about him.

    In short, yes he's NFL bound, but it's probably best if he waits one year and earns himself that wonderfully big signing bonus. The guy has the smarts, skill, and passion to do it.

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