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All the negativity ...

  • This is why I think there is so much negativity on the board....

    At the beginning if the year, most Gamecocks that I spoke with predicted that we would curb stomp Clemson. If you looked at our game last year and what both teams returned this year, there was no reason to think otherwise. Considering what we did to Georgia, everyone started to ratchet up the trash talk. After watching Carolina struggle against a triple option FCS team and Clemson teeing off on another A She She team, many are starting to doubt our team's capabilities when we go to Cow Town.

    It is true that Clemson has a potent offense that really shines when clubbing baby seals on national television. Even if Clowney and Shaw are 50%, we are still better than everyone Ckemson has play, save FSU. I would venture to say we are at least equal to the Semiholes. I trust that our coaching staff will put a great gameplan together on both offense and defense.

    Take the Stanford and Oregon game for instance. No one gave Stanford a chance against Oregon AT HOME. The Cardinals beat the Ducks by dominating the offensive line of scrimmage. There is no reason to believe that we cannot do the same thing, even with Clowney at 50% or without him at all. I'm not saying that we will beat them by 2 touchdowns, but I do think we can win. We have already played away games in a very hostile environments, this experience will pay off big time. I do think we will need to weather a quick score at the beginning, but we will settle in nicely. I also think all the pressure is on Clemson because the three game losing streak. The team knows they can't afford to lose the 4th in a row to their rival and their fans know it too. The first time Vaj Boyd gets drilled, he will regress to the wide eyed confused QB we saw at Williams Brice last year.

    Instead of talking trash, I go the other way with the tater heads.... I tell them how great they are and what a dominant offense they have. All the while, I'm confident that they have not seen a defensive line like ours and can't wait to walk up to those same schleps after the game, shake their hand and tell them to try again next year.

    Stanford vs Oregon 2.0 will happen again this Saturday.

    Carolina 27 - Clemson 24
    Go Cocks!

  • both sets of fans are pretty unsure of themselves...all the office tates think we are gonna win. They think our team/staff will come out intense like UGA game and blow their doors off again.

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