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Carolina's National Recognition ..... Discussion

  • In watching the interview with LB Skai Moore (what am impressive young man, already has more "media presence" than most ten year NFL veterans, and a great name to boot), he indicated that at first he wasn't too excited when we started recruiting him in December. It sounded like weren't a school that had a lot of name recognition with him.

    I realize he is from Fort Lauderdale (long way from SC), grew up a Cane fan, and I also realize many high school players may not really follow college football that closely. However, just my guess/opinion, but I don't think our name yet resonates like Georgia, Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio State, Texas A&M, FSU, Oregon, Auburn or certainly name schools (in the South) like Alabama, Florida, LSU, etc.

    Obviously, those teams have a much longer winning tradition than us, but over the last four years, short of an SEC or National Championship, we stack up pretty well in comparison with anyone (witness the dominance of all SEC East rivals and Clemson, beating Nebraska and Michigan, etc.etc). We have also been on TV a lot, and players like Marcus and Jadaveon have had national star power. Coach Spurrier brings a lot of positive attention, also.

    So, just looking for opinions, but how long will we need to become more recognized as an elite program by more players outside of SC and maybe NC. Will it take winning the SEC, or just take a few more outstanding seasons ?

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  • swimcock

    We really need to win the SEC and make it to a BCS bowl (hopefully with a win). A Natty would put us over the top. We just have to be on the big stages for several years like Oregon has done.

  • Our name does not resonate like those programs. We've really only had 3 very good seasons in our existence. We are heading into our 4th year of being relevant. We were similar to Vandy and K-Y when these kids were growing up. Spurrier is taking us to new heights.

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    Ally will beat the crap out of Uga.

  • We need about a decade of this level of success and will need to win some sort of championship at some point IMHO.

  • gamecoug

    Keep doing what we're doing. one of these days we're going to have our year in the SEC, but if we keep winning 10+ for a consistent stretch, everyone will start noticing us. Even out here in Seattle, I run into college football fans (Washington and Oregon fans, mostly) who recognize my Carolina gear and have good things to say about us. If we win 10+ 3 more times in the next 5 years, we'll really start building our national brand.

    The other thing is, we're on national TV so often these days, as long as we keep winning our share of the games we'll be in fine shape.

    I also don't have time to teach you how to speak hobo.

  • Three years ago we won the East and went to Atlanta. The past two years have produced 11 win seasons and significant bowl wins. After we take the East again in 2013 and bring in the class we anticipate, every high school player should view us as a successful program with a strong future. We will have been built for the long haul guys.

  • Big Train

    After a gillion years as a gamecock fan I never would have thought we would be having this conversation.

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    Two grand boys, Two state championships. 5-peat USC

  • swimcock

    We do not need a decade. Oregon has been good for several seasons but not for a decade and has few championships, but they have played for a bunch, have been in several high-profile BCS games, and gets big PR for their uniforms. We have Clowney and Lattimore and Spurrier. We are also on TV a lot. So, we are on the path, but we need to sustain it and take it to another little higher level or 2.

  • We also can't falter like Arkansas did. I wonder how much last year will affect the perception of their program. They were building their program, gaining momentum and developing a powerful name as a legitimate second tier and rising team in the best division of the best league in college football and they hit a wall after their coach's fall from grace. Totally different situation than what we should face, but their story is a tragic reminder of how fast this train can run off the tracks. I think last year has set their program back several years. It takes a long period of sustained success to build a name and reputation, but you can lose it again in no time if you aren't a "historical" program.

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  • Honestly I think part of it also is that we don't have much flash. Unfortunately these days that matters - although as fans of course we shouldn't care as long as we win. Teams like Oregon that put up a ton of points and are flashy get more attention. We're not like that. Nor should we want to be. People think fancy/flashy offenses are large margins of victory against crappy teams equate to good team...until that flashy team runs up against a team that plays defense, runs the ball, and busts them in their heads.

    Anyway - Spurrier is building it the right way. I know he wants the offense to be flashy, but he's played to his personnel. That is the right way. I also think with the right QB and where our OL is headed, that his offense can still be very good. Thompson showed us some of that this year - just letting it rip and there were guys open. Shaw I don't think will ever be that guy, and that is fine because Shaw is a winner. But if a guy like Mitch or even Thompson after next year truly decides to play QB the way the offense is has a much better OL...then we will see a pretty good offense.

    So until then we'll just keeping winning "ugly", and watch Clemson and other fans scratch their heads and wonder why their "flash" couldn't get it done. And as many of you have said - another several years of that plus the money we'll get from the SEC (to keep up with the facilities arms race)...and we'll be good to go.

  • FWIW Clowney's hit is a first step, was in Houston a couple weeks ago - had two people comment to me about it. If we can get to a couple SECCG our notoriety will increase, till then let's just keep winning/moving forward and it will come.

    "Act like you've been there before and expect to be back." - Bear Bryant

  • A few good years, no BCS bowls, no championships does NOT equal an "elite program". This is great for USC fans and definitely it is looking the best it ever has in over 100 years for the Gamecocks. A good site to get some persepective on what it means to be an elite program is here, you can check each team, check their history in the polls, the championships they've won. Like Spurrier says the trophy case is pretty empty and needs to be filled.

    I'm linking South Carolina in the polls, Oregon in the polls and Alabama in the polls. Alabama is an elite program, Oregon has fielded an elite team in the last few years and USC has blown away some of the cobwebs of history and is poised to make the next step.

    Like I said, a great site, you can get coach records, historical wins and losses by decade and bowl history and a good place to go for some prespective.

    Our fans could do with some IMO. The outsized expectations at Florida, where fans expected Spurrier to continue his dominance of the SEC despite it being populated with some of the best historical programs in the nation helped him decide to try his hand in the NFL. Ray Tanner isn't Foley (who I think didn't get along with Spurrier) and hopefully our more influential boosters are NOT like some of the folks of this board demanding that Bubba/Elliott/Botkin be fired after some 18 year old kid changes his mind on where he wants to visit and/or play his football.

    Division I-A Team Index

    South Carolina In the Polls

    Oregon In the Polls

    Alabama In the Polls
  • JuiceCock

    I hear what you're saying about Clowney and Lattimore, but only Clowney has really helped us out as far as recognition goes. Clowney is a beast, and has shown it and Vincent Smith had to suffer for it. That was national noteriety. Lattimore was just coming onto the scene as a freshman, then got hurt, then got knocked out in the bowl game where the world was watching, so no one got to see him really. Then the next year, he becomes famous for busting his knee. Same with his third year. While he's a great ambassador, he's not someone that rises the program up as far as noteriety goes.

    It's going to take a lot more winning than what we've done. It's going to take Spurrier retiring, and the next guy keeping this train on the tracks. Waaaaayyyy too many years of mediocrity (at best) in our history. And as everyone says, you don't know where you're going until you know where you came from, so we're going to have to change our history.

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