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Coach DabOO Swanky Call in show lowlights

  • Pete Yanity starts the show off with his signature call.." Live from the muddy shores of Lake Hartwell... there's ORANGE on the microphone ! "
    Coach tells Petey he wants to start off this weeks show with a joke...
    "hey Pete, you know how you can tell Nkemdeche momma's lyin'!?"
    Pete nervously answers " can you tell coach?"..... Dabo responds "her lips are movin Pete !" laughs loudly and alone.

    SEGMENT 1 (This is where Pete ask questions requested by Coach Dabo-meant to appear spontaneous)
    Pete's question...." opened up the show on a recruiting note albeit a sour one.....Are there changes you'd like to see in the early signing period?"
    Dabo responds
    "you know we are about to play NC State....a team that wupped our butt last year and I have to answer a question that the NCAA
    refuses to address....Don't you think , if I could have had a September signing day (that would be an early signing day for everybody from Seneca)...that I would have reached out to some of our distinguished alumni working for the TSA in airports ALL OVER THE WORLD PETE....
    .That the unamed fouled mouth woman from Kenya would have EVER made it through airport security before signing day?? Huh??...
    It's ridiculous Pete...ridiculous.

    Alll the way from Iva ...we've got BucK White on the line coach
    "hey I on the radio?....Coach, can you tell me exactly what it is, that you do?"
    "Great question Buck...I think. I tell the clemson faithful to think of me as the "face of the program"...a PR guy if you will...
    You know those headphones that I occansionally slip on during a game when I know the cameras are directed to the sideline for an
    important play-call?...They are NOT EVEN PLUGGED IN BUCK! I recieved hours and hours of instructional video from Bobby Bowden
    that he recorded during his last years at Fla St...That series of DVD's is called "How to Look Relevant on Gameday even when you're not"
    For example, it instructs you on how to go correct a player after he has made a mistake...a bad mistake and you know the cameras are following....
    Carry around fake play sheets.....even a wrist band with plays on em! I dont need em BUCK BUT THEY LOOK REAL....dont they!!
    ...and we'll be right back with "More orange on the microphone!" "Right after this word from .
    'Tater Sewer'..'We're Number 1 in the Number 2 Business"

    Feel free to add your own segments...


    Pete: We've got Billy Bob on the line, Billy Bob whats yer twenty?

    Billy Bob: Pete I'm having an ol Budweiser out here round the trailer park. SIS! Bring yo fine self back over here with my bud! Sorry bout dat...Coach, when we gonna wear them sharp purple uniforms again coach?

    Coach: You know, Billy Bob, in Jesus's times purple was the color of Royalty. Purple meant you were honorable, and you dint hit women and dint smoke no weed.

    Soundboard Engineer leans over and whispers: Actually, purple was the color of royalty long before Jesus. Its because the dyes were expensive, so it became a symbol of wealth and...

    Coach: Bull malarky! Mayor! Fire this here mo-ron! Purple is the color of Clemson! Bet Spurrier aint ne'er weared no purple! We are the real purple!

    Billy Bob: You tell em Coach! Wear dat purple!

    Pete: Yer bugger!

    (hollering and yelling and knee slapping and stomping and shouts of "yer bugger!" and "purple!" as we fade to commercial)

    This post has been edited 2 times, most recently by cockengr 17 months ago

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  • Great stuff, Cockytop. Very funny.

    signature image signature image signature image

    Ally will beat the crap out of Uga.

  • Yall DONE GOOD
    so great amd poignant for two-3 segments
    then you got out before it turned redundant
    just right

  • swimcock

    The official color is not purple; I believe it's "regalia" as in regayla.