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Former Tater Leroy Hill arrested for imprisoning a woman

  • blessedcock

  • He's just used to those three tutors he had a Clemson like Tahj has. When these kids leave CU and women refuse to something for them, these Tiger players become very angry.

    "I'm going back to Pickens where women knew how to take care of football players and knew how to stand up after taking a shower rod to the head."

    This post was edited by Black Death7 15 months ago

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    George Strait-Entertainer of a Lifetime

  • CockOfAges

    I added it to my ever-growing Clemson arrest list. Hill is quite a guy.

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  • I guess we now know what he majored in at Tater Tech.

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    2012 Season stats: 143 carries, 662 yards, 11 TD's; 26 catches, 173 yards; Praying for a full recovery, Marcus. God Bless You!

  • He was probably another Honors graduate like Wonderlic Spiller.

    This post was edited by Black Death7 15 months ago

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    George Strait-Entertainer of a Lifetime

  • blessedcock

    Do they teach special classes on how to treat women there?

  • Yes, Professor McDaniel and Professor Craig teach classes to all incoming freshman football players.

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    George Strait-Entertainer of a Lifetime

  • Manti T'eo's iPhone has a busted screen because he got pissed and went all Leroy Hill on Lennay one night. Sometimes you've got to show Siri the pimp hand.

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  • swimcock

    His defense might be that his girlfriend is not real.

  • Yes, they teach it in the gym, on the wrestling mats.

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    Ally will beat the crap out of Uga.

  • I am shocked Phat hasn't graced this thread with a clemmer woman beater list.

  • suffoletta

    Taters gonna tate

    I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and I am all out of bubble gum.

  • Plyler38

    Not his fault she ran intl his fist repeatedly. Hills the victim here.

    "Those who live in the past are cowards and losers" -- Mike Ditka

  • Plyler38

    Not his fault she ran intl his fist repeatedly. Hills the victim here.

    "Those who live in the past are cowards and losers" -- Mike Ditka

  • MrNiceGuy

    Probably true, but we should be careful not to cast stones. Have you ever heard Swearigner give an interview, it is less than impressive. Not to mention, Culliver sounded poorly in his anti gay comments. Clemson fans have been bashing him all day on facebook.

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    Elliott "Small" Fry

  • MrNiceGuy

  • funnypostclap


    No kidding though...those Pickens chicks CAN take a shower rod to the head, & might just get up to whoop the a$$ of the "man" holding it! Playing devil's advocate, haven't ever seen a pic of one of these ladies, but perhaps her "ladyness" was not blatantly obvious, being from Puckens & all. Could explain the trend....

    This post was edited by SparklCityGC 15 months ago


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    5 in a row

  • This post is for members of TheBigSpur only. Join now! 30-Day Free Trial
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    George Strait-Entertainer of a Lifetime

  • CockOfAges

    Here's a C&P of my updated tally:


    -2012, May. Sammy Watkins Arrested for possession of controlled substance and marijuana. Dabo Swinney takes four months to discipline him, finally suspending him 2 games.

    1. 2011-12, May. Joe Craig, Allegedly assaulted female track teammate w/towel rod after following her into hotel room and busting through door, per police report, no arrest.

    Discipline: Suspended immediately from Track team, Dabo Swinney takes 3 weeks to suspend him indefinitely from football (although he practiced), turned into 3 games.

    Then, in 2012, Craig arrested for assaulting a second woman, his girlfriend, and is finally kicked off the team.

    2. 2010, June. Jamie Cumbie, ABHAN. Almost killed grandson of former CU President 100 lbs smaller than he was.

    Discipline: Dismissed ten days later (reserve DT, reported previous issues). Terence Ashe also present, suspended for Summer I.

    3. 2010, January. Brandon Thomas, disorderly conduct. Jan 2010. Not reported anywhere UNTIL Anderson Independent Mail ran it.

    Discipline: None reported.

    4. 2008-DeAndre McDaniel, arrested for assault on GF, covered with pillowcase/threw down stairs. PTI, charges dropped by accuser.

    Discipline: Did not miss any playing time/no real suspension by Tommy Bowden.

    5. 2007-Cortney Vincent Arrested for DUI, allowed to play in Chic-fil-A Bowl. Vincent later kicked off in 2008.

    Also arrested in 2005 for assault on GF.

    6. 2006- Duane Coleman “We done smoked it.”

    Discipline: Suspended for Music City Bowl.

    7. 2005- Xavier Littleberry dismissed for “violation of team rules”, allegedly exposing self to maid at team hotel (sheriff’s report).

    Also, arrested in 2004 for assault of GF while in Columbia:

    Clemson freshman DE Xavier Littleberry was arrested Monday for assault and battery of a female at her University of South Carolina dorm room. Police noted abrasions and swelling on her face and a rip in her sweater.

    Littleberry “maliciously” assaulted his girlfriend by grabbing her and throwing her against a wall.
    The warrant quoted Littleberry telling police: “I put the marks on my girl.” The victim said Littleberry, who is listed at 6 feet 6, 238 pounds, “jumped her,” according to the warrant.

    8. 2001- Akil Smith and Travis Zachery arrested for distribution of marijuana near a school.

    Discipline: Kicked off team before Humanitarian Bowl by Bowden.,1329,4639345_56,00.html

    The arrests follow two other incidents involving football players. Two former players pleaded guilty to making and passing counterfeit bills in June, and three players pleaded guilty to pulling fire alarms in dorms and stealing from the empty rooms in August.

    9. 2001-Fire Alarm/Theft/Counterfeit arrests of 3 players

    10. 1996- Nine players arrested in eight months.

    The Tigers' troubles began when four players were arrested Feb. 20 after a woman accused them of gang-raping her. Prosecutors dropped the charges July 16 when the woman refused to testify. Of the four players-all of whom were suspended from the team at the time of the arrest-two have been reinstated and two have left school.

    As a result of the rape investigation, police charged backup tailback Anthony Downs-whose apartment was the site of the alleged assault-and star wide receiver Antwuan Wyatt with possession of marijuana. Both were kicked off the team during the summer.

    In April, another backup tailback, Sam Zanders, was arrested for marijuana possession in relation to a separate incident. Zanders, however, remains on the Clemson roster.

    Starting tailback Raymond Priester was charged with telephone fraud when he made $24 worth of calls and charged them to a stolen credit card. He claims, however, to be the victim of a scam-artist and will perform community service to clear his record.

    Wide receiver Tony Horne was arrested Sept. 5 and charged with simple assault and battery after he allegedly punched another student in the face. He enrolled in a pre-trial intervention program and, like Priester, will be able to clear his record. Horne served a two-game suspension earlier in the season.

    In addition, a third backup tailback, Lamont Pegues, left school during the offseason in the aftermath of an altercation that occurred in the summer of 1995 with a pregnant training-table employee.

    Trevor Pryce served a two-game suspension earlier in the season for last year's unauthorized use of a university long-distance code-a move that incurred a cost of about $400. Clemson administrators froze head football coach Tommy West's salary indefinitely after he failed promptly to inform them of Pryce's violation.

    More on 1996, including assault of a stripper and the depth of the marijuana possession-with-intent issue:

    Clemson coach Tommy West says his program is under control despite the arrests of nine players since February on charges ranging from aggravated sexual assault to possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

    In July, a nightclub dancer said she was sexually assaulted by seven Clemson athletes, including five football players. That case was investigated, but no charges have been filed.

    West admits his players' actions, which he characterizes as ``poor decisions,'' have embarrassed not only the players but their teammates, families and Clemson. University president Deno Curris sent a letter to trustees and boosters last summer apologizing for the incidents.

    West's punishment of the accused generally has been to let the legal system run its course, then deal with each athlete individually.

    That resulted in the return of four of those arrested to the roster this past season, including tailback Sam Zanders (charged with marijuana possession in April), starting tailback Raymond Priester (charged in July with billing long-distance phone calls to a retired woman) and linebacker Adrian Dingle and defensive lineman Eric Williams (two of the four accused in February of raping a freshman).

    The rape case was dropped when the woman, who has since transferred, decided not to testify the morning the trial was to begin. West suspended all four players in February 1996. By the time the case was dismissed, one had withdrawn from Clemson and another had transferred.

    After expressing his disapproval of ``group sex,'' West re-instated Dingle and Williams. Neither was allowed to return to campus housing, and both were ordered to perform 50 hours of community service.

    Since succeeding Ken Hatfield in late 1993, West has told his players his No. 1 rule was no drugs. That's why the two players charged with marijuana possession with the intent to distribute were dismissed from the team. They were wide receiver Antwuan Wyatt, the Tigers' best offensive player in 1995, and Anthony Downs, a second-team tailback in whose apartment Clemson police found 36 bags of marijuana.

    Another player, charged with simple possession, was allowed to return to the team.

    II. History of Violence Towards Women: Flowers, et al.

    4 Clemson Students Cleared in Grand Jury Probe of Alleged Assault
    The Charlotte Observer, September 3, 1986
    Star Clemson University football player Kenny Flowers, another player, and two former players were cleared by a grand jury Tuesday of allegations that they raped a 37-year-old N.C. woman on June 20.
    The Pickens County Grand Jury ruled that there was insufficient evidence against Flowers, defensive back A.J. Johnson and former players Craig Crawford and Duke Holloman. The grand jury had considered possible charges of criminal sexual assault, kidnapping and larceny.
    Flowers, a senior who is 253 yards shy of the all-time Clemson rushing record, was touted earlier this year by the school as a Heisman Trophy candidate.
    "We had great lawyers working for us and knew it would end up this way," said Flowers.
    The grand jury also ruled Tuesday that police in the town of Clemson did nothing improper in their handling of the matter when the woman, who is the mother of another former Clemson player, reported the incident June 21.
    Police immediately arrested Crawford and Holloman, but failed to serve warrants on Flowers and Johnson.
    Police allowed Flowers's attorney, Dick Harpootlian of Columbia, to talk with the woman in the town police station. Harpootlian persuaded the woman not to pursue the case. At the time, she had no attorney.
    After the grand jury action Tuesday, Harpootlian criticized press coverage of the matter.

    "Justice was done," Harpootlian said.

    2) February 22, 1996-Two Clemson football players were released from jail yesterday and two others remained behind bars after a judge set their bonds at $20,000 on charges of raping a student on campus.

    Eric Bernard Williams, 18, of Blenheim, S.C., and Adrian Kennell Dingle, 18, of Holly Hill, S.C., posted bond to get out of the Pickens County jail. Christopher Rice, 19, of Starkville, Miss.; and Bennie K. Zeigler, 18, of St. Petersburg, Fla. are still in jail.

    If convicted on the charges of criminal sexual conduct and conspiracy, each man could receive as much as 35 years in prison.

    The trial of four Clemson football players accused of gang-raping a woman in a campus dorm abruptly ended yesterday in Pickens, S.C., when the woman refused to testify. The charges were dropped and cannot be refiled, court officials said.

    Adrian Dingle, Eric Williams, Bennie Zeigler, and Christopher Rice -- all freshmen -- were arrested Feb. 20 on felony charges …

    III. Recent Clemson Players Violence Towards Women while in NFL/beyond:

    1). May 27, 2010
    Miami Dolphins' Phillip Merling arrested for alleged battery on pregnant woman
    11:01 AMPrint

    By Sean Leahy, USA TODAY
    Miami Dolphins DE Phillip Merling was arrested on Wednesday and charged with an alleged aggravated battery on a pregnant woman.

    Merling, 6-5, 305 pounds, is a third-year player who has appeared in all 32 games for the Dolphins his first two seasons. He was arrested in Broward County, Fla, where the local sheriff's website reported that Merling should have known the alleged victim is pregnant.

    There are few details on the allegations thus far.

    2) Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill accused of domestic violence
    Posted by Danny O'Neil
    Linebacker Leroy Hill was arrested in Issaquah on Saturday night during a domestic-violence call. The news was reported by KING-5 television and confirmed by a press release from the Issaquah Police Department.

    According to a release from the Issaquah Police Department, officers were summoned to Hill's home in Issaquah just before midnight. The release stated that officers noticed "obvious injuries" on Hill's girlfriend, who lives with him at the residence. It stated she alleged Hill caused those injuries.

    Hill was arrested and booked into jail on investigation of domestic violence.

    Hill was also arrested last year for misdemeanor marijuana possession, a charge he recently pleaded guilty to. He received a sentence of 12 months probation. Hill, 27, is already facing potential league discipline for that case.

    Hill has played five seasons for Seattle since being chosen in the third round of the 2005 NFL draft.

    As of Monday afternoon, Hill was no longer being held in custody at the Issaquah jail.

    The Seahawks released a statement from general manager John Schneider regarding the arrest.

    Update at 5:43 p.m.: "While we are still in the process of gathering information, we are aware of the situation involving Leroy Hill and take these issues very seriously," Schneider said. "We will wait to receive all the facts before commenting further."

    • Seahawks linebacker (Leroy Hill) pleads guilty to marijuana possession
    By Danny O'Neil, The Seattle Times

    January 2013 Update:

    RENTON, Wash. (AP)

    Seattle Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill was arrested after police say he assaulted his girlfriend and kept her in his home against her will.

    According to a release from the Issaquah Police Department on Wednesday morning, Hill was arrested on investigation of unlawful imprisonment-domestic violence and third-degree assault-domestic violence. Issaquah police said Hill would be booked into the King County Jail, although records Wednesday morning indicated he had yet to be booked.

    Both charges are felonies in Washington state. It's at least the fourth time Hill, 30, has been arrested and the second time he's been accused of domestic violence.

    3) An ex-football player at Clemson University has been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting three joggers during daylight hours on a bike path along Route 50 in Arlington County.

    Kenzil Jackson, 26, of the unit block of Old Glebe Road, was charged Wednesday with sexual battery and two counts of attempted rape in what authorities are calling "brazen attacks" on the women. He faces a bond hearing today in Arlington County General District Court. Police said Jackson tackled the joggers even as motorists were driving by.

    "It's not like {the attacks occurred in} the middle of night," Detective Stewart Chase said. "It was daylight. We were very concerned he was going …

    4). Jets KR Miller arrested for assault
    By DENNIS WASZAK Jr., AP Sports Writer
    Sun May 20, 8:17 PM

    NEW YORK - New York Jets kick returner Justin Miller was arrested early Sunday and charged with third-degree assault after a fight at a New York City nightclub.

    ``I want to apologize to everyone for this situation, including my family, my teammates, the Jets organization, our fans and the entire NFL,'' the cornerback said in a statement released by the team Sunday night.

    ``I understand that serving in the NFL is an honor and that I have an obligation to behave in a manner that reflects the privilege I have been given.'' reported Sunday night that the 23-year-old Pro Bowl returner was arrested after allegedly punching a woman in a nightclub. He was apprehended following a police chase at 4:20 a.m.

    This is not Miller's first brush with the law. He was considered a potential first-round pick in 2005, but his stock fell when he was arrested for disorderly conduct a week before the draft. The Jets selected him out of Clemson in the second round with the 57th pick.

    5). Kevin Alexander arrested for assault while on Denver Broncos, 2010

    IV. Summary

    Since 1995, there have been 23 Clemson players arrested, a few on multiple occasions. Eleven of those arrests involved violence against women.

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