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Justin King

  • I hope an Ask thread is OK....

    But I have a few questions, and hopefully you wouldn't mind answering some from others if they have them?

    These may have been asked before, but it would be cool to have one thread to condense it's not everyday a website has the best college football video guy at its disposal.

    1) You went to Carolina... and just got married, right?
    2) How did you first get into video production?
    3) The new video board...what are your overall thoughts of the current and future potential of it? I am interested to see hear your overall opinion on this subject especially. Also, any chance we'll EVER see a video of yours up there?
    4) You worked for ESPN, what can you tell us about that experience?
    5) How long does it take you to make one video?
    6) I find it bad ass how you time up the music perfectly with the picture. OK that wasn't a question, but it's true. No homo.

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  • Shoot me a PM, I doubt everyone on here want to read about all that.

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  • Not true. Let's heat it.

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  • I am interested as well.

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  • Gamec0ck

    C'mon Justin.......inquiring minds want to know :)

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  • Alright,

    1) Yes, I graduated in 2010 with a degree in Media Arts and married the most beautiful girl I met while there (picture attached for the 'pics or GTFO' people...)

    2) I always thought I wanted to be a director out in Hollywood growing up, really it started with loving the Lord of the Rings books and then being (I would say borderline, my friends would disagree) obsessed with the movies for a few years. The epic style that still managed to have so much heart was something I try to emulate in my videos to this day. That is why I got my undergrad degree in Media Arts. Once I got out of school and started to dabble in the film industry, I realized it was NOT for me; the ridiculous hours, never knowing where your next paycheck was coming from and (most of all) the GIANT egos involved were all things I didn't learn in class. My actual career right now is in Marketing (I specialize in Social Media Marketing, and I am one of very few people I know who can see a project from inception to finish - production and all. When 'content is king' I believe that sets me apart) and I am in graduate school at UTSA working on my MBA with a Marketing Concentration.

    3) A) That board has TREMENDOUS potential. What a lot of people don't realize is that the SEC (or NCAA) just changed their policy on what can be shown on it. Before this year highlights could only be shown during stoppages of play and it was what was shot on the field, now the rules are a lot more relaxed such as whenever there is a timeout or review the school can actually show the broadcast and can show replays much more frequently. Not sure that is 100% accurate because I was busy when I read it, but that could really revolutionize the game day experience if it is done right. The board came at the perfect time.

    I also love that the lights on the side can be set to the music - don't think I've ever seen that anywhere else and it will be pretty cool.

    B) There has been a tremendous amount of money and effort spent to upgrade the game day experience at Williams-Brice by people who really know what they are doing. I know they didn't spend that much time to just throw whatever video was made the night before up on the video board. At the end of the day, however, the board is there to support the product on the field, not overshadow it. If it is approached from that standpoint I believe it will be a very successful endeavor. It is all about building a cohesive feeling (product) from start to finish, but I am sure everyone in the Marketing Department knows that.

    C) I really don't know if any of my videos will ever be shown on the board to be honest. It depends on a lot of factors, but I hope to one day work in the Athletics marketing department. Whatever God has in store I will just continue working as hard as I can.

    4) My first job was with ESPN out of college (first full time, did some gigs on film sets) for about a year, and it was an incredible experience. I was a 'production assistant' with a variety of duties...I cut the highlights for SportsCenter (it's "creative cookie cutting"), ran the prompter for the anchors, worked on the Mike & Mike in the Morning Show, and did a lot of other stuff. It was an incredible experience that I learned a LOT from but as the saying goes "if you want to move up...leave".

    5) It depends on the video really. Lately it has been taking a lot longer because I incorporate After Effects into my videos where I just used to use Adobe Premiere. After Effects is a powerful graphics tool that can create...well basically whatever you can a 3D space with realistic lighting. That doesn't really do the program justice, but you get the point; things such as the lens flares, smoke, and (in the Vandy video) the fire and embers. Premiere is where it all comes together and is more your typical 'editing' program. I also use Photoshop on the pictures.

    Overall I would say it used to take 6-10 hours but it now takes around 12-18. I always thought it would be cool to teach some type of an editing class at USC if I ever return - not the 'you push this button to do this' type of class, but more about editing theory.

    6) Thank you, I am really glad you enjoy them. It was my wife who - well before we were even engaged - believed in me enough to purchase not only a great computer for me, but the full Adobe Creative Suite.

    If anyone else has any more questions, feel free to ask. Might take me a little while to respond though.

    Follow me on Twitter:!/JustinKing224 // E-mail:

  • she could have done better!!! LOL biggrin
    good read...thanks for sharing!

    By the way, I planted a seed that hopefully gets watered tomorrow night. My connection is having dinner with Pastides and Tanner. And for the record, they all already know about you.
    Your reputation preceeds yourself in a great way!

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  • Great response. Thanks for what you do

  • Hot, rich, AND has bad taste in men - sounds like you hit the trifecta! ninja

  • Nice.

    Thanks for responding, Justin. A few more questions popped into my head as I was reading your response.

    First, it sounds like you have a keeper. Well played.

    Second, if I recall correctly you had issues getting rights to use footage from games? What happened there?

    Lastly, did you work for ESPN in Bristol? What was that corporate culture like? And of course, the obligatory "which famous people did you meet?"

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  • I just went from 6 to midnight....he must workout

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    "Tigers love pepper......they hate GAMECOCKS"

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  • Well, to make a long story short I was sent a Cease & Desist letter from XOS Digital saying that if I didn't take my videos down they would sue me because they owned the rights. To be honest, when I first started making videos I was doing it for fun and was quite ignorant of that whole 'legal' thing...for some time I assumed that because I bought the games for $5 off XOS's website (XOS Digital is the company in charge of monitoring all of the SEC's video, among other things) that I 'owned the rights'. Needless to say I now understand a lot more about the topic

    For example...that 'fair use' thing that people put on YouTube videos sometimes...yeah that doesn't really matter when it comes to this topic.

    I posted on my Facebook page saying that unfortunately I couldn't make any more videos because of this, and thanking everyone who took the time to enjoy my hobby. From there...honestly it was amazing. So many people found XOS's contact information (because I didn't give it, wasn't going to play that card) and e-mailedl/called/tweeted them that the president of the company called me to see what all the fuss was about. I must have said a few things right because a little while later I was speaking to their Director of Marketing (great guy named Nathan) and we worked out a 'deal' that I could use the video if they got to put ads on it - which of course I agreed to.


    Yes, I moved all the way up to FREEZING Bristol, Connecticut. Ironically the winter I was there had the 'snowiest January in the history of the state' - so you can imagine how much fun that was. I did love the short-ish drive to Boston and how you could drive 20 min south to New Haven (where Yale is...campus looks like something out of a movie with all of its legit castles...) and hop on the train that dropped you off in the middle of NYC. GREAT times with the NYC Gamecock Club.

    ESPN's corporate culture is...intense. The place is literally a college campus - acres and acres. Take a look at the picture might have seen that area on TV a few times, but I was out playing football with a few other PAs (I am the little black and white dot cutting back so the guy playing QB could hit I didn't catch it...) and it gives you a small idea what the place looked like. A lot of effort was put into the design of the campus...possibly to foster creativity...but mostly to wow people with tours.

    Anyway, the culture was intense and strenuous, but they got the best out of you. You don't coast at ESPN.

    They had a free gym on campus, as well as a really nice cafeteria and unlimited free (good) coffee.

    As far as famous people saw so many so often that after a while it wasn't a big deal anymore. You were doing your job and they were doing theirs. I remember I was doing something for Mike & Mike one morning and had to run to go be a prompter for a segment...I ran into the studio in a hurry at 6:30 am because nobody is really there and basically slammed into somebody. I apologized and so did he in a 'excuse me dude, sorry about that' way...a few steps later I realized who it was: Kenny Chesney.

    As far as the anchors go...they got to be 'no big deal' very quickly because of how often you saw them, especially when you were prompting a mid-day SportsCenter that runs live for an hour...then on tape the next two with cut in segments of live. They are all pretty nice people, Van Pelt was my favorite though. I remember when I was new he asked my name (and remembered it every time I saw him) and then told me if I ever needed any help just to ask him. It was really not necessary and very kind.

    Coolest moment for me was easily introducing myself to Lou Holtz. I walked up to him and said hello and my name, and he was kinda 'hey...nice to meet you...' in a generic sort of way, then I said 'yeah I just graduated from South Carolina' and he interrupted me VERY excited 'OH I LOVE THAT PLACE! NEVER MET ANYONE WHO WENT THERE WHO DIDN'T LOVE IT!' Then proceeded to grill me about how many nights I spent in 5 Points.

    Follow me on Twitter:!/JustinKing224 // E-mail: