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My practice observations from today (8/9)

  • A buddy and I went to practice this morning, we had his 1 yr old daughter running around too but here is what I thought about this morning practice, nothing earth shattering but here goes...

    First off, I love our new coaches. Botkin and Robinson look like they have been with the staff for multiple seasons, They are intense, vocal, and motivated. I would think they would be a little more shy being the new guys on the block but these guys get after it. Positive feedback is strong and you can tell the guys respond to them. They are quick to pat you on the back when you do something good, they will encourage you when you need to be better, and they will punish you if you are being flat or lazy. That to me is what you want to see out of your defensive coaches.

    I still think Lawing is the most fun to watch if you pay attention to coaching. He is fired up and pushing his guys to the brink. It is funny to see him stand up to guys like Clowney and Taylor and be all over them because they are so much bigger. I know there are not many soccer guys on this board but if you have ever seen Kubby's brother Kevin (BCHS) coach, he reminds me so much of Brad Lawing. He is all over the place all the time and getting the most out of every one of his players. The attention to detail from all the defensive coaching is what I love to see most. With a new D-Coordinator and losing a great one, it does make you wonder but you can tell Lorenzo Ward has these guys getting it done.

    As far as the players...I was only there for a couple of drills and a few one on ones but I have to tell you that Devin Taylor is the biggest human being I have ever seen. I used to think Cliffton Geathers was a monster but Devin has him beat. Seeing him and Clowney stand next to each other is scary. Clowney is so thick and he can move for his size.

    Another guy I saw stand out was Byron Jeridou. Again, he was one I was worried about from an experience stance but man he is a beast. He is big, he has a mean streak, and he looks like he wants to get better every rep.

    Darius English and Jerell Adams are the two new guys I am impressed with. I know this is nothing new to what our great tbs staff has been saying but for freshmen, they look physically gifted. I think Jordan Diggs will be a good player for us too down the line.

    So nothing new from this morning that you hadn't already heard but I have to say this is the "biggest" I have ever seen a Gamecock team look. Our strength guys are doing a hell of a job and the attitude from the team/coaches seem to be very high. I did stand behind the tbs guys for a few minutes terrified to say hello but they seemed to be getting after it too. Again, just my observations, not that they amount to us but I am so pumped to watch this team. This is by far the best coaching staff I believe SOS has and he has the players to get the job done.

  • I also got to mention that I did get to see the punters today. I am not going to lie I have been a little out of the loop on the Tyler Hull hype and I didn't want to look dumb and ask but after seeing him kick today I thought he can be decent. Based solely on today though I thought Mike Williamson was hands down the best punter. They were higher than the others, good hang time, and most importantly he did it consistently. I think Hull is a close second and maybe he will win out after more practice but right now I think Williamson is the best. I am not high on Patrick Fish.

  • Thanks for giving us your impressions. I love getting to see different opinions of posters that were able to make it up there, particularly since I am rarely able to make it to practices.

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