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Our offense / Spurrier

  • What other coach in the country could score as many points with this offense other than the HBC. He is the absolute best thing to ever happen to USC football. Think about how many points he could have scored on Clem with LSU's players.

    We had ZERO running game yesterday and still had 426 yards of offense. If we EVER have even an above average O line (by SEC standards), we will finally be an elite team (on par with Bama, etc). Not that there's anything wrong with 22-4 the last 2 years. My point is: we have won a ton of games lately with an offensive line that is not great. Marcus Lattimore made them look better than they are; and now he is gone.

    With our losses on D (8 major contributors leaving), we may need the offense to carry us a few games next year. Gonna need the running game, and pass protection, to improve. We don't have the luxury of playing teams like Maryland or Wake Forest. Let's go Sean Elliot and God bless Steve Spurrier.

  • I keep hearing people say the running game wasn't working, but the running backs only had 5 carries.

    The rug really tied the room together, did it not?

  • Spurrier said after the game that he abandoned the inside zone read at half time. As we all know he marches to the beat of his own drummer (thank God). Hopefully our WR's now know that we will pass it to them if we have the time. The bowl game and Clemson game showed them that. Our RB's are probably not thrilled today. My point is that without Lattimore, our OL has to improve if we want to be balanced on offense. The good news is that, with Spurrier, we can beat good opponents even when we're not balanced. Also, the schedule is not as rough next year. Still gotta figure out how to beat UGA at UGA and UF at home. Evidently we will have to go 7-1 or so to win the SECE.