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PG position going forward

  • First of all, good win last night by Frank's boys. Brenton Williams, Brian Richardson, Lakeem, Minda, and Carrera continue to improve. We have some offensive potential.

    I am going to say this as nice as I can, but without Bruce, the plan we had at PG is not going to work. Our PG presses and puts the ball in danger every time he touches it. Frank recognized it was going to cost us the game last night, and had Williams and Lakeem bringing the ball up in the second half.

    I know people have been against it in the past, but until Bruce comes back, we need to have Lakeem play the 'point forward' role. I know his free throw shooting is not good, but he is our best ball handler, and our best passer. He and Williams are going to have to handle it until Bruce gets back. We must have had between 11 and 13 turnovers from the PG position last night before Martin said 'screw this'. Richardson can handle the ball also, if need be. I realize that our PG scored some points the two games previous, but that just masked what is a huge problem: turnovers, and driving into the lane out of control time after time.

    If anyone has any better ideas, great, but going forward, I think the best plan is for Lakeem to play a point-forward role, and Williams can spell him at times. It has reached a boiling point. For those that watched the game last night, you know what I'm talking about.

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    Ally will beat the crap out of Uga.

  • Lakeem at point forward isn't the answer either. He is no better a ball handler than Smith.

    They just need to work hard and continue to improve. True help will be in recruiting.

    This post was edited by ospop4690 19 months ago

  • I know steve said "best ball handler" but the overall impression I got from his post was that Lakeem is good enough to do it, and as compared to Smith is better at what might be better described as "ball protection", i.e. Lakeem can handle the job of getting the ball up the court and get the offense going with less propensity to turn it over than Smith.

    Or I could just be dead wrong and reading something between the lines that isn't there.

    I agree the ultimate solution is through recruiting and it sounds like the one PG commit will be a vast inmprovement over the current guys (minus, possibly, Bruce). In the meantime gotta address it the best way and I'm sure Coach Frank will do that, even though for this year's squad the "best way" may still fall quite short.

    I like Kacinas and Carrera though. When they are foing going all out, which is usually, thise are guys you "go to war with".

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  • That is what I meant. Lakeem is better at dribbling and dishing without pressing and causing turnovers. He's more capable of dribbling the ball up the court without getting it stolen. I think that some people underestimate his ball handling skills. He's not a natural PG, and is not the long term answer. However, he is a good ball handler, is very quick, is a good passer, and is the short term solution until Bruce gets back.

    Williams could do it also, but he's more valuable as a scorer. Those two need to be our primary ball handlers.

    This post was edited by steve miller 19 months ago

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    Ally will beat the crap out of Uga.

  • Bosscock

    The real problem is that Bruce isn't a true PG either. He, like Williams is a true 2 who can competently handle the ball. You are correct that Smith, bless his heart, is not a SEC level PG. He bleeds garnet and works his butt off, but he was not blessed with the God given ability to lay PG in the SEC.

    Last night the problem was compounded by the lack of Page, who can also bring the ball up competently. That situation sounds kinda bad according to Whittle's posts.

    That is why we need to land the kid from Villanova. He is at least a combo guard and would be eligible to play this time next year and could begin practicing with the team as soon as he enrolls. Until then the committee of Smith, Bruce, and Williams with Lakeem sometimes to help break presses, are going to have to work.

  • Yes.

    Eric Smith is the type of Gamecock student athlete we all should be proud of, in how he carries himself off the court. He's a hard worker, and a humble young man. He has physical limitations that are out of his control, and no fault of his own.

    I agree that in a perfect world, Bruce would be a 2 as well. He is an excellent dribbler and ball-handler, though.

    The kid from Villanova is not looking too good, as far as the home team goes. I think he would have committed if he was going to by now. He's going to go to GW, or Illinios.

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    Ally will beat the crap out of Uga.

  • Johnsons top two are USC Illinois. His concern is distance from Jersey. Illinois is a hot team right now and they may not make room for Johnson. Plus Johnson is close with Carrera, who ha been in his ear about playing here.

    The other thing with Johnson is that we have playing time to sell him on at PG for two more seasons. I don't think Stroman is someone we want to come in and play a lot of minutes right away.

    Thirdly, Smith has some ability but in reality he needed a redshirt year. If he had 3 years to really develop I think he could have been a much better player.

  • Bosscock

    I read WG's post about Ill having the edge due to distance and better conference. Better conf, yes, but Champaign Urbana is a about a hundred miles further than Columbia SC from his home in Plainfield NJ.

    Plus the coaches at Montrose really like Frank and are counseling him to go play for Frank.

    I am hopeful that he makes the right call.

    Smith is limited in reflexes and speed with the dribble. Those are things you are born with. He hangs in there because he is a coaches son and does everything Frank asks him to do. I love Smith to death. But we need to upgrade the position before conf play starts. Bruce is going to have to do it.

  • Bosscock

    I am encouraged that Johnson did not visit Illinois this weekend.

  • swimcock

    Lakeem is awful handling the ball and passing. Even the bomb, on the in-bounds play, that he threw at the end of the game was very dangerous and ill-advised. He is somewhat out-of-control dribbling the ball and not shifty at all. We could really use LaShay Page.

  • He threw a bad pass, yes. The rest of this post is not accurate in the least. Despite the horrid nature of our team, and coaching in the past 3 yrs, Lakeem has more assists than turnovers. He's probably also the shiftiest player we have.

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    Ally will beat the crap out of Uga.