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Players that didn't represent our university in a respectful way

  • MrNiceGuy

  • MrNiceGuy

    This is just lame.

    The fact that you condone this type of behavior goes to show how poor your morals are. And before you try to rebut me questioning your morals, this thread is about representing the University. So yes, morals are worthy of this discussion. Especially when people think Garcia having a kid in high school, and then trying to bang everything in Columbia is OK. Garcia was a joke, a stain on USC, and you yourself are a joke for defending him.

    We have won more games the last two years than Garcia ever did. If anything, he held us back. And if you cannot see this, then take Garcia's jock out of your mouth and try again.

    This post has been edited 2 times, most recently by MrNiceGuy 13 months ago

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    Elliott "Small" Fry

  • Look, asshat. You know nothing of my morals. I've raised two kids, have a grandson, have met hundreds of payrolls, pay my taxes, my Gamecock Club dues, my Lettermen's Association dues and my Alumni Association dues. It is my belief that some of the twenty somethings on this board are jealous of Garcia because he got laid a lot more than they did at USC. Nothing more, nothing less.

    As for your righteous indignation over Garcia knocking up his girlfriend, how do you feel about JD Clowney? My feeling is I haven't walked in his shoes and it's none of my business.

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  • We don't need to be attacking our own on this board - and like it or not - Garcia was hardly the first college football player to play
    with a child out of wedlock - at the same time - we had a DB who had 2 or three. I don't care as long as they support them and are
    involved in their lives -as PARENTS.

  • ^^beginning with the part "It is my belief that...", clap - bravo, well done. (not sure the part before that really has much to do with morals, but I get what you mean)

    A LOT of people on this board look down on Garcia; much of it is motivated by the envy you mention or the fallacy-filled reasoning of "if I had had his talent and opportunities, I would have..." Yeah we know, you would have been in the film room 24/7, maintained a 4.0 GPA, been FCA President for 4 years, worked at homeless shelters when you weren't in the film room or class, organized and led hours-long voluntary passing drills in the summer, never drank too much, never got addicted to anything (because your ignorance has you believing that's a choice based on willpower,) and - GASP O M G - would never have chased any coeds and used your position as USC QB to get laid. No, you really don't know what you would have done, and often God chooses certain people to bear certain problems and struggles because He knows they are strong enough to handle it.

    Seriously, at this point why is anyone not simply pulling for the guy to get/stay sober, be a responsible and loving Dad, and a contributor to whatever positive causes he chooses to pursue?

    And for that matter, the whole idea of this thread is baffling. What is the point of it? Resurrect past problems and beat the same dead horses again? The bottom line is this is a soapbox and judgment thread over issues from years ago.

    I know it's the offseason but for goodness sakes I'll just take the 2013 recruit visited somewhere else panic threads or mindless uniform and helmet discussions any day over this nonsense.

    I'm gonna go focus on removing the plank from my own eye, thank you.

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  • I agree on the walking in his shoes part. If he has a child I agree its not our business ( T rob had one).

    Lets get real Garcia was on drugs and drank to much.If he didnt let hid team down on the field he 100 percent did off it. Most importantly he let himself down. He sold his self short

    I dont hate him or think hes the devil. You do however sign up for the spot light when you sign to play QB for SOS. So the negativity he brought on himself.

    At the end of the day though I am moving on. Stephen chose to be a Gamecock and layed his body on the line every game. We all make mistakes.

    The thread brings nothing positive to the board .

  • Stephen Garcia
    Rob Deboer
    Rick Sanford

  • MrNiceGuy

    I have not heard countless stories of Clowney bragging about banging tons of girls. I have not heard many stories of Clowney breaking team rules, the law, and being put on probation by the athletics department. I had my fair share of girls when I was in college, so there is no jealousy here. Nor did he bang any of my girlfriends either. Your contention that this is the reason some are upset goes to show how much of an idiot you are. Very few people had their girls cheat on them with Garcia. And it's doubtful there is any member of this website that is one. You are just being an ass because people are clowning on you for defending the biggest stain on the football program under Steve Spurrier.

    Garcia made his bed, now he has to sleep in it.

    Comparing Clowney to Garcia? What are you a Clemson fan?

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    Elliott "Small" Fry

  • Dude, if you or anyone else, has no desire to read my posts, I'd be down with that completely. But if you're gonna quote me, quote me. I specifically said, and you included the quote, that JD's wild oats are none of my business.

    As far as other posters, I don't need anyone else to agree with me, but several have. As far you, you've got Pat Bateman on your side, so enjoy.

    And, I still thing you're jealous 'cause Garcia got more than you in college. And I don't mean his SEC East champions ring. whistling

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  • I thought asshat was uncalled for, but you sir have truly crossed the line.

    Glad I don't gamble, because we have shot past the over/under I guessed for when this thread would get locked.