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Robbie Liles, our in house recruiting coordinator

  • BritBrant


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  • I'll add that Robbie is a lifelong Gamecock fan and also graduated from USC. Stockstill tried to lure him away years ago, he's been here 12 years, so he must be doing something right...

  • BritBrant

    i appreciate the loyalty here^^^^^and i'd take HBC on gameday, everyday, but im not gonna lie to myself about saban's ownership of college football as it pertains to these type things in particular. how could you question him?(waste money etc)

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  • Hodad

    Signing day SOS said jr was RC and Robbie was DIRECTOR of Recruiting.

  • Bosscock

    Also, Clyde Wrenn is back in the Athletic Dept as head of alumni athlete relations. So I imagine if RL needs any help or advice,he has a pretty good veteran in the dept to call.

    The sports talk show hosts in this town have completely blown this new rule out of proportion. They have sold this rule as schools in the SEC and Big 10 with money are going to be able to hire these master recruiting geniuses to woo recruits from their offices using their cell phones and wicked persuasive skills. If this is true then there will no doubt be a bidding war for the guy who catfished Manti Teo.

    Basically as I understand it, it means that on campus recruiting guys like RL and his staff are going to be able to directly contact recruits starting in August. RL is going to keep doing what he has always done, but will be able to contact recruits to help set up visits and get info to the recruits so the football coaches don't have to do that as much.

    Think about this. JC and Tony always say "if we can get a recruit on campus for an official, we have a chance to land them." We do pretty well with landing guys out of official visits. The official saved us with Na Ty Rogers and we won over Walton and Skai Moore with successful officials. The 2014 guys just came through for what has been described as our best junior day ever. Who exactly do you think set up, planned and pulled off all of those successful visits in the past month? Not to mention how many good players do we get under the radar because we get them on campus for the prospect camps in June? who do you think sets those things up? That would be our Director of on Campus Recruiting, who, a bunch of you seem to want to replace with a sleazeball like David Reaves or Ed Orgeron, or are living in fear of a fired assistant from Dabo's staff who Bama just hired.

    I say everybody chill out and lets see how this new rule plays out for folks before we go throwing money at a problem we may not have.

  • So euro and scar you two would hire who? I mean how many of these wonderful recruiters who have been in the living rooms of super athletes in the past are available or even deaire to take a position that is not a coaching position to add value to our recruiting prowess? Kevin Steele in all his glory is already spoken for.

    Maybe what Lyles does best is what this position is designed for, rolling out the red carpet for the recruits when they come to campus, making sure the guys are contacted regularly, and being in contact with coaches and supporting the mission from behind the scenes.

    When you look back at our recruiting, we have been pretty consistent with getting guys who fit in character wise, and system wise for the past few years and the on field results show it. Yes, so does Saban and company, but I don't think he could recruit at the level some of you expect if he were here. The cards don't stack up that way.

  • Spurrier could hire another staff member if he thought it was needed.

    Lyles is involved in recruiting activities and always has been.

    Many seem to think SOS should hire a Kevin Steele. The component that seems to be overlooked is there aren't a bunch of Kevin Steele's hanging around to take that job. Those folks will be taking COACHING jobs where they actually coach. Steele is an exception.

    Most of the jobs would be filled with someone like a Lyles or a Pantoni. Pantoni is essentially Lyles in terms of background and job responsibilities. He did what Lyles has always done for us.

    Given that, why is Lyles a bad choice?

  • BritBrant

    hire a guy named "name recognition"....that's the only requirement--an nfl and Sc background would also be nice but if it's a pop singer, so be it
    edit---strike that^^^ SC should be past gimmicks like dabo,vandy etc may pull, but if it's a garbage position like VP of USA (RL is still president) you balance a ticket with whoever looks good to focus groups--in this case, a name that would get the attention of the HC at deercrap township high in northern PA
    zook,dooley,big george,(cough)dariusrucker,did sheldon brown retire this year

    This post was edited by BritBrant 17 months ago

  • those of you saying this is different from what Liles was doing are clueless. The only difference is he can actively recruit the players once on campus. Before, he could only set up their visits and see to it all the on campus activities for the recruit were in order. Now he will be able to officially ask them to come to USC and make on the record promises about their future.

    I do agree that we need to hire someone else as an assistant. I would prefer someone with a big name. They don't have necessarily be associated with USC.

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    Former TBS photog coming out of retirement to do sand volleyball for my fans!

  • Sad thing is we recently lost a great asst to Robbie. Scott Morgan. He worked hard and had been here since he last played in 08.

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    Former TBS photog coming out of retirement to do sand volleyball for my fans!

  • There are numerous coaches that were not retained after staff turnover this past year. There's hundreds of assistant coaches from the non-AQ, FCS, DII level that could see a salary bump to take the position. Several members of Ellis Johnsons staff that were not retained at SoMiss have SC ties. Hell, even look at a former player that actually went thru the recruiting process.

    I'm just not seeing what he brings to the table, other than being good at what he has done for us in the past. Which is a position he could remain at and continue to do a good job. It's not my call. At all. And I'm not saying it's a bad hire. I'm simply saying I think there are many, many potential candidates that could help actually recruit, while Liles remains in his current position, doing what he does.

  • If a recruit is on campus, they will be recruited by a coach, who actually coaches the players on our team. Liles will continue to be the best at what he does. If Robbie contacts a coach, who has dealt with Robbie, or knows somebody who has dealt with Robbie, about a recruit, you can bet that coach will speak highly of USC to his player.

    The coaches will recruit the prospects when they are on campus. That is what will seal the deal with players, dealing with actual coaches. I think some of us are having a real hard time comprehending all of this.

    Recruits want to talk to coaches who actually coach. Liles will continue to do his thing, and be able to do a bit more. Our coaches will continue to do what they do. Hiring an ex-coach to help recruit is pointless, and they would NOT do a better job than Liles anyways. I don't think some understand just how respected by all high school coaches Liles is, and how good Liles is.

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    Ally will beat the crap out of Uga.

  • gamecoug

    well said. No chance it's going to happen, but well said.

    Robbie Lyles is going to run the department. Nobody said he's going to be forbidden from hiring some recruiters for on-campus and phone based recruiting. But, i'm not sure how effective it will be.

    Recruiting gurus like JC and Tony always say that recruiting is about building relationships. I'm not sure how much of a relationship you can build with a high school student if you're not going to be involved in his career at college one bit once he signs the paper. Especially if you can't have any in-person contact with that student other than when he's on campus.

    I also don't have time to teach you how to speak hobo.

  • Jeff4SC

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  • Our record before RL < our record after RL.

  • BritBrant

    preface---im a sunshine pumper that doesnt like to bear bad news
    i just read the ask tony thread so i get why you're so adamant about it, and i imagine Tony has a long-standing relationship with RL. i have absolutley no reason to doubt what yall are saying. i would just point out how much positive pub clem has gotten to date by a lard ass former hc, demoted to oc, demoted to ol, demoted to kickholder coach, demoted to meal planner, demoted to "we keep you here to BS recruits" being able to pull potkins out offlorida. thats not a "coach that actually coaches" (at least not AP backs)....instead it's a stategy known as keeping the max # of hooks in the water.

    SC's most glaring weakness is not capitalizing on recent success in recruiting. i know you'd disagree with me but imo 21 and 7 have single-handedly won some games and i dont see thier replacements in the pipeline right now. HBC does his own thing and i wouldnt trade him for any coach out there but this is a headscratcher. saban's organization is there because he takes every little, minute advantage he can

  • Without the OL, even Marcus could be stifled. WIthout the brilliant play of Thompson, Shaw, and the offense, the plays that Clowney made against Tenn, Mich, and klimpsom would have been something to cheer about in a loss. It takes all 22, and the offense and the defense.

    I have been hearing about Liles for years. The guy is good. I can see how some might think having a coach would be more effective, but that is because they don't know just how good Liles is. Saban and Bama do all of these extra things because they have so much money from revenue and donations. They would be recruiting like they are without those guys. It's overkill from an obsessive workaholic.

    Brad Scott may hook some families up in private resorts for free around signing day, but that is about it. He doesn't recruit for klimpsom. It's an administrative position.

    I agree that our classes don't look as sexy as some on signing day, but we sure have studs on the field on fall saturdays. We have studs at every position, and can play with everybody. We have recruited 2 absolute stud RB's in Davis and Williams, and are leading for Scott, and we get stud DL every class as well. Everybody has to replace their stars, some will never be replaced, but stars will just come in in other areas. You gotta have faith, to quote the great George Michael.

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    Ally will beat the crap out of Uga.

  • Just an opinion. I have followed South Carolina sports since the sixties. This is aimed at no one in particular but as a regular reader of this and other boards I often wonder why, if our recruiting, our teams, our lazy coaches, and all else that is mentioned by some is so bad, why do the folks who are so dissatisfied continue to be fans. Seems like they would switch over to some other team where they could feel more fulfilled. JMO

  • I suspect that fans who express dissatisfaction are fans of the University, rather than fans of the men who have been hired to run our University's football program on a temporary basis. I suspect they're uncomfortable with extending unquestioned allegiance to those men who've been hired on a temporary basis to run our football program.

    Spurrier...I appreciate him plenty

  • My thoughts. Those coaches that were not retained and have not found gainful employment have not done so for a reason. Lyles does recruit on campus.

    I know you were simply proiding an example, but all of those coaches on Ellis' staff with "SC Ties" no longer have the same ties that Lyles has. They just don't. They might have a few, but they are not as broad based as Robbie's. The quality coach from Ellis' staff is Ellis, and he has a coaching job.

    Im not sure you understand how much Lyles does. You seem to just want a coach. What do you think a out Urban Meyer's recruiting? Why did he not find a washed up coach? He has someone that is doing exactly what Lyles did and has the same background.

    This job does not require a person to have been a coach. This job cannot actually recruit off campus.

    We have been doing phenomenally well in-state with recruiting. It would be impossible for anyone to reasonably argue otherwise. Since that's the case, what would be the rationale to find an ex coach with SC ties? Lyles has new than any coach you could find.


    Great..this post again. When are you going to realize that a message board is for debate. It would be boring if everyone sunshine pumped. Don't read threads if you can't handle someone else's opinion.

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  • I can see your point and can appreciate those facts. My difference is with those who chronically bemoan practically every aspect of Carolina's sports programs from the AD (whoever it may be at the time) right on down to the waterboy). An occasional disagreement is not the problem. We learn from difference of opinion but a lot of what I have a problem seems to be generated in the Department of Redundancy Department.

  • Thanks for this. Doh!

    I don't think anyone is suggesting that the presence of Marcus and Jadeveon and rendered other members of the team unnecessary. They are saying that these "greats" have helped us win IN SPITE of the shortcomings of the rest of the team.

    Of course Marcus needs an o-line, Steve. Are you arguing that our o-line has been something special during Marcus' time here? I certainly hope not.