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Robbie Liles, our in house recruiting coordinator

  • So we should not strive to improve in any and all areas? There is always room for improvement.

  • To compare us to Alabama in recruiting right now is not really fair. Per Spurrier, they have about 30 guys that do what 5-7 guys do for us. I think they have 3 HS relations guys now- in fact, they just hired the head coach from Vigor High School (one of the best HS programs in Alabama) to keep their Mobile pipeline rolling. Robbie Lyles does a great job and is well respected- Lou told Spurrier that he was a must keep when Spurrier took this job and Lou was exactly right. We just need to put the $$ into the support staff around Robbie and get technology savy guys that can market us in a way to appeal to these kids. I wish our staff and coaches were a little more social media friendly because I think that is how most of these kids operate these days. Only a few of our coaches even use twitter at all. Also, I wish that we would grant more media access to our friendlty partners (The Big Spur, etc.) during recruiting. I think the best recruiting schools use all of this to their advantage!

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  • BritBrant

    1---again, im not disputing that he is the man and i never said a coach would be more effective

    2--is it sdafe to say saban has all that money,donations ....because he does those things?

    3--brad scott has been overheard telling recruits "i wil be your father figure...i will be the one to feed you til the end of time"...that meassage resonates with some

    to avoid sounding like al or bcm, one last point and im done---i have a small business in charlotte. i have lots of competitors. from a distance some look better than i do...some look worse. if some agency informed me tat i can have an extra salesperson at no cost, i'd be all over it. i tell the newb a few things to say and laminate a sheet listing several things to never say or do and send him out on the road. on friday i get out the monopoly board and hand him some orange 500's and a couple blue 50's. by cosmic law, he's gonna eventually find himself a couple degrees seperated from a great lead and will get a foot in some door.......if not, i had nothing ventured anyway

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