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Sorry People... it ain't gonna happen

  • CockyMike1 said... (original post)

    I've seen posts from a lot of people saying that we would still have a chance to play in the National Championship Game if we won out and won the SEC.

    Sorry.... ain't gonna happen.

    True, a one lose SEC Champion has, can, and will play in the NC game, but it is not realistically possible for that to be us. LSU, or Bama will come out of the West with one lose because they play each other. The other team will finish the year at 11-1.

    Even if we made it to, and then beat, (let's say LSU) in the SECCG, we would have had to move from our current ranking, all the way to #2 to play in the NC game, leap frogging over 1 lose LSU, 1 lose Bama, and undefeated Boise State. The voters would never do that. They would take Boise State. And if we make it to the SECCG and lose, we will at best be the number 3 SEC team.

    But... feel good that a one lose ACC team could never make the Championship Game.

    After Kentucky @ Miss St, Bye, @ Tenn we would probably be between 8-10 just by virtue of teams in front of us losing.

    After wins @ Ark and against Fla, possibly two ranked teams we would move up to 5 or 6.

    Beat the Citadel and a ranked Clemson team and we are definitely top 5.

    Then beat number 1 Alabama/LSU that is undefeated and just beat the other team Nov. 5 and we move up to number 2 at least.

    In this scenario, the only teams that would concievably be ranked ahead of us are an undefeated Big 12, Big Ten, or Pac 10 team. Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Stanford all have shot but if two of those has a loss we will be ranked ahead of them. Our resume would be substantially stronger than any of these teams.

    Don't discount the fact that we loss a close game to a ranked team and involved a controversial ending. In 2008 LSU made the title game with two losses partly because both were on the road in triple overtime.

    Also, there is no way an undefeated Boise would get in ahead of us. Why would they if there only quality win was against a team that we also beat.

    This post was edited by joetheogre 3 years ago

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