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Tired of having a bad basketball team...

  • I got you swamp and its ok to have your opinion and you actually have a good one. My point is this. We where talented enough to be in the game how come were not talented enough to finish the game. That jump shot brian richardson took right when the game was on the line almost knock the backboard down. It was an awful shot and thats what im trying to say I think its confidence more so than talent with some of these teams we match up with the Auburns,Tenn and georgias. Thats all im saying. These are all winnable games that we fold in the crunch in. To me thats confidence or should I say mental.

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  • 3pt0

    Of course it is mental. Winning and losing are both habits that are hard to break.

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  • I would tend to disagree on the talent part. Let's not fool ourselves, Auburn, Georgia, and Tennessee are not good programs. We will continue to struggle against UK, Florida, and the rest of the league until we beef up our lineup. We have no inside presence at all due to a lack of height, no real ball handler, and no shooting threat. Louisville would probably beat us by 40 points if we played them today.

    Again I go back to my point that these upperclassmen are playing like freshmen. I think had they been developed properly when they first stepped foot on campus we might be telling a different story, but developed talent beats raw talent every single time. I can't for the life of me understand why Slawson and Smith get the PT they do, but that's not my call to make. I understand Smith works hard and gives great effort when he's out there. I still cringe every time he touches the ball though. The thing that really confuses me is that I think Slawson is lazy on the court when it comes to doing the little things. He takes bad angles on screens, doesn't really even set them right (hence his penchant for offensive fouls away from the ball) when he does get the right angle, and makes a half hearted roll to the basket.

    I will say that I do not believe that Gill or Harris would have helped this team much, particularly Gill. Harris would have been nice to have but I'm not sold he would have been Coach's favorite player. I never understood the hype around Gill.

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