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  • Yes,Vandy has beaten us a couple of times but I am growing weary of all the love or should I say hope for them.
    Every year,regardless of sport it is the same mantra. Look out for them,they are going to be good but every year they never meet expectations. This transcends coaches as the same predictions are offered regardless of coach.
    This year the talk was what a great season they had last year. I may be wrong but that great year was 6-7 with 2 conference wins and the non conference wins were against primarily bottom feeders or teams totally out of their league.
    This year Franklin is being hyped as a Saban clone but the last few coaches they have had had media love also. Franklin purportedly is a great recruiter but the jury is out on his coaching ability.
    Whether he is or isn't a good coach it would behoove him to ride all the media accolades into a better job quickly where he would have a better chance to win.
    Vandy is still Vandy .

  • I remember the same being said about South Carolina for a long...long time.

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  • True. And where we turned it around was when we started to win games we were in a position to win.

    For Vandy to stop "being Vandy," they can't blow opportunities like they had last season against Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee.

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  • Understand your point but there are differences.
    Vanderbilt is a private school without the support a major state university has.
    In the state of Tennessee they will always be an afterthought when compared to UT.

  • Yeah not 100% buying the Vandy hype yet. I need to see them win 7 or 8 games first.

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  • I think they will be a very tough opening game.
    They are a lot like we were years ago; have some good starters but do not have great depth. If you recall, we were usually very competitive early in the year with anyone we played but as the year when on, we would fade, especially against the better teams. IMO.
    I expect us to win by 8-12 points.

  • I'm not sold on them either and believe wholeheartedly that they wont be able to hang with us, but Franklin is laying the groundwork for Vanderbilt to become a pretty decent team in the SEC. I'm of the belief that if you can win 7-9 games in the SEC that puts you on par with most upper-echelon teams in other conferences.

    Bobby Johnson was a hell of a coach and did a solid job with that program, but had a great deal of difficulty sustaining any kind of momentum and building on successful seasons mostly because the recruiting was never really there. They would have one standout player each year and the rest of the starters around them would be suspect (think Jay Cutler/Jamie Winborn/Earl Bennett). Give Franklin some time to keep improving on his recruiting success and eventually they will have a team that is solid from the bottom up. Vanderbilt may be a private school but they have deep pockets and if the Alumni and Student body buy into what he (Franklin) is doing, they will start making some vast improvements.

    Am I saying that they'll challenge for a division or SEC title? No. I cant ever see that happening, but if you asked any fan of the SEC if they ever saw us getting to where we are now I think you would get a lot of "hell no's."

    I still believe that they have too much going against them, most notably the weak recruiting base in Tennessee, as it produces little football talent compared to the remainder of the states represented by the SEC, and they have to compete with Tenn. As we all know, Tenn used to RAID the state of SC back in the day and our success in closing down the borders is a big driver (among many) in why Tenn has taken a back seat in the division, but that's for another post. The other obvious obstacle is the sheer difficulty in competing in the SEC, which I just don't think they will ever be equipped to handle but the SEC will always keep them around because of the cache that Vandy carries with academics and their history with the league.

    If you listen to Franklin's pitch, it doesn't sound much different from Spurriers in his first few years. Highlighting the fact that there ISNT a lot of tradition and being able to be part of a lot of "firsts" for the school was one of the staff's big selling points for almost 6 years.

    Either way, if Franklin sticks around they will continue to build momentum, the only question is where that ceiling is. My guess is its somewhere around a 8-9 win season and a Gator bowl appearance but time will tell.

  • I was more worried about Bobby Johnson than Franklin. Franklin talks a big game, changes jerseys, does "black outs", but to me it's about wins. You talk the talk but will you produce? We'll see.

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  • 100% agree Kelso. We let many a game slip thru our hands as well. The old argument that they don't get support because they are a private school is hogwash imo too.Their administration wasn't always on board with the AD department sometimes I think.They get the same check from the SEC that we do every year and in addition they have an endowment valued at 10 times what USC currently has on the books.

  • I think Franklin makes a nice presentation of himself, but they went 2-6 last year and lost to the worst Tennessee team in history.

    Their season was no better than Bobby Johnson's bowl team from a couple years ago and the players on the team were Bobby Johnson's.

    Vandy always gets loads of credit for sucking less than usual. Gerry Dinardo got the LSU job, Woodenhoffer was a defensive genius, and Bobby Johnson was the best coach in history according to the hype.

    Franklin is the latest beneficiary of the soft bigotry of low expectations.

    I think they will probably be pretty bad this year. We should not have any trouble with them, but maybe they beat Kentucky and Wake and flirt with bowl eligibilty.