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What Spurrier was doing when JFK got shot

  • 49 years ago Thursday ....
    Spurrier was hitchhiking from Gainesville back home to Johnson City, Tenn. ...
    Can you imagine a college athlete doing that today?

    Anyway, interesting read from yesteryear:

    Keith Niebuhr On Twitter: @Niebuhr247

  • though not an athlete, my brother, when he got to columbia, with us being in the backwoods of horry county, he used to hitch rides from columbia home, it helped that the crossroads to go to myrtle beach was like a couple of miles from our home, always people going to the beach giving rides to clean cut young students

    this was the early 60s....the time when you could do that without fear of murder or assault or whatever. it used to freak my mother out, but it was a different era, woulda had to have been there

    as for spurrier, i can imagine a lot of folks going out of gainesville wouldve been glad to give a ride to the young qb on the team. he was relatively safe in those days

    not so much now for sure.

  • My brother went to Carolina from Greenviille in 1965. Amazing how much things changed between that Fall & when he graduated in the Spring of '69. First 2 years, he would talk about how he & other upstate natives would line up right about where Assembly goes into Elmwood with "old school" draw-string laundry bag over the shoulder held by one hand while the the thumb on the other hand was pointing north/west (I was only 5 when he was a freshman, but I remember on the weekends when he did come home he would often hop out of a car I didn't recognize). By about the Fall of '67, though, things were changing drastically. A couple of highly-publicized murders by & of hitch-hikers plus the growing counter-culture among college students & the distrust (by students & adults for each group) that came along with it caused a rapid decline in hitch-hiking pretty much across the country. How many remember "Riders On The Storm" by The Doors?? "...if you give this man a ride sweet memory will die..."

    "I wouldn't trade the dirt under his (Roche's) fingernails for anyone else's soul"~ Coach Frank McGuire