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justice cunningham

  • I am not intending to show you disrespect, but I must disagree. Football players (and I would think other athletes as well) are basically hired by USC to play football. Since it takes up about 9 months out of their year, they cannot hold another job to make any money. They get their education in exchange for playing. If they don't play well, make poor grades, or get in trouble, they lose their scholarships. The education is not free by any means. Spurrier thinks they should be paid in addition to scholarship money, and I agree. Those players who do really well put a great deal of their own time into it. I really don't know how they manage to do everything the sport requires while going to classes and earning their degrees.

    These players make a great deal of money for USC, and there is always a chance that they will be severely injured while they're playing. It is likely that by the time Marcus is 40, every step he takes will cause him pain. Is there enough money to give him back what he lost?

    As for Justice, there must be some sort of misunderstanding. I wish he would talk to someone about it. He is a person of high character with a good reputation. I would hate to think that he is being treated unfairly, and I don't think SOS or Tanner would do that.

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  • Ever pay back student loans? I know many who were swamped under those for years. To say "minimum wage" is silly.

    I am grateful for everything Justice did while he as here as I am all the players that worked hard and acted te right way. I don't discount one bit how hard they worked while in school and the sacrifices they made.

    They probably should get an additional stipend. Still, don't tell me five years of school is minimum wage. The vast majority will never play football for a living. Getting an education they can use in life is extremely

    If someone at USC would have told me and my parents, "your son's education is free as long as he works hard at this sport, they (and I) would have jumped all over it with no complaints.

    Maybe his was just a misunderstanding. Maybe it is a rule we can't break. Maybe a trainer can't give him medicine unless under their care. Hopefully, it gets worked out.

    Also, you can quit calling folks names any time. Your smarmy comments are completely disrespectful and look even worse when you might be wrong. Calling folks "genius" and the like is not needed. "Ummmmm" to start a response is not needed. Try to make your point without coming off as a jackass. I'm sure you are not in person, but you sometimes give folks that impression on this board.

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  • swimcock

    I do not disagree with you and agree that an education was "exchanged" for their "service" to our football team. However, he did not "give us" anything that was not returned in the form of an education. That being said, we should do everything within the rules to support guys like JC (and underclassmen that go pro early) that have joined and now graduated out of our program or decided that it is in their best insterests to leave early for the NFL.

  • No, I didn't have to pay back student loans, and neither did my daughters. We didn't earn our educations with athletics; we earned them with academics - and whether it's through athletics or academics, it's still earning the scholarships. Schools want valedictorians because it raises the school's status. It's a stat for them. Some academic scholarships cannot be lost, but those students usually flunk out. The scholarships we had required a certain number of hours per semester as well as a certain gradepoint average.

    One daughter didn't want to take her SAT again. She settled for a LIFE scholarship (and several other academic scholarships given by USC) and worked to make up the difference. The other daughter took the ACT a second time after taking an online course to improve her score. She brought it up enough to be a SC Palmetto Fellow and got a full ride (tuition, room, and board). Both of them played three sports and were class valedictorians in high school. They absolutely worked for what they got, and they worked their butts off in college to keep their scholarships. My younger daughter graduated with a 4.0., summa cum laude.

    My point is that both the students and the schools benefit from giving the scholarships, otherwise, schools would not give them.

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  • Absolutely right. And he will pay in his later years for all the abuse he put his body through.

  • MCP

    Any of you guys got some aderol I can bum from ya? Late night working you know

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    "Never look down on anyone unless you're helping them up."

  • The question wasn't for me, but I know one for sure. James Seawright. He is extremely angry and bitter towards the university, and he definitely feels he was treated poorly in the years following the end of his career. Won't tell details of the events that he shared with me, but he outlined several times when he said the university simply turned their back on him when he asked for their help. He also named half a dozen other former players that he is is friends with (I won't tell those names, so don't ask), who he said feel the same way about USC. Quote, "if that place was burning down, I wouldn't piss on it to put it out!" Now, don't crucify me, I'm just telling you what I heard straight from his mouth. I'm also not saying that every word he said is true, I'm simply repeating what he told me directly about a week before the Clem game.

    I think we all know there was a problem in years past, just look at the McGuire era B-ball players. How many of those guys have never come back. Sterling Sharp and a few others from that era also seem to have some sort of problem with the university. I have no idea if they really were mistreated, or if it was just their perception about their individual situations......But, there were definitely some "issues" with some former players. I'm not sure that anything can be done to make some of those guys happy, but I do hope that Ray and the coaches will do everything in their power to address ANY current issues (like w/Justice) and ensure it isn't a problem going forward!

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