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Differences between 2012-13 & 2013-14 BB Team .....

  • 1. Johnson at PG. I am not convinced Ellington will play BBall next yr. H may love the sport but ...... his pro future is as an NFL WR not an NBA PG. Had I his skills I'd focus them all on football. Johnson is the best PG on the team right now. He is the 1st full sized PG we've had in quite some time. He's Big East quality and was a 4Star recruit coming out of HS. This is a serious upgrade from Smith, etc. When he becomes eligible in December, he will be our starter. He's already been working out with the team. WHen he does become eligible, he will know the system and the players. This is a serious upgrade.

    2. Ringer at the C position. Whatever inside game we've got has come from either Jackson (Sr) or Carrera (Fr). Ringer is a legitimate post presence. He will have to learn the SEC game but we do have coaches that have proven they can develop Bigs. "Chat" our Lithuaian 7ft'er has improved this yr. If he can show similar improvement we'll have 2 serviceable Bigs vs. virtually none this yr. Geathers is a bit of a wild card. He's big and if his knee cap heasl 100% pretty athletic. He could give us 3 Bigs 6'6'' or taller weighing 250+ lbs. I call that a serious upgrade with Geathers being the possible cherry on top of the sundae. We will have gone from substandard to competitive for this critical position.

    3. Wing/2G. Thornwell and McKie. Sindarius will enter school as the best player on the team. He's a 5Star prospect leading Oak Hill in scoring. He's a slasher who can finish at the basket but also can step back drain jumpers up to the 3 point line. He will be our leading scorer from the day he suits up and we badly need it. McKie will be a solid player for us. He has solid skills and will out work his opponent. Defense might get him onto the court earlier than later. Richardson will be good for spot duty. He has skills but at < 180 lbs. does not have the muscle to hold up for long in the SEC. Leonard is a jump-shooter. He's being over recruited by Martin. WIlliams has the skill set for the position but at 5'11'' is a defensive liability. He could play more if he was a better ball handler and passer.

    PF. This is where we really need Henry. Otherwise we will have complimentary players filling the role. Slawson is too thin and not aggressive. Carrera comes cloest to filling the position but is 6'5''. Kacinas is more of a SF but may have to play here.

    All in all Martin is adding some quality pieces to the team..

  • Have you seen somewhere that McKie has put on a bunch of weight? He's listed at 175. Why would he hold up longer at 175 than Richardson at 180? Maybe I missed a recent listing of him adding lbs?

  • I'm not sure what Ty Johnson and Thornwell contribute next year.

    Sure Larry Davis and BJ came in guns blazing one upon a time in a similar situation but usually it doesn't go quite that well.

    it took a transition year to get those three guys on the same page and develop.

    I hope Ringer can contribute and that they land Henry. That seems the bare minimum for being close to average down low.

    McKie doesn't seem likely to contribute a whole lot next year, but since he is maybe a hard worker and we see a walk on cracking the lineup this year anything is possible.

    I think the goal would be Nit, though I think it will be a tough road.

  • If Williams can stay out of the dog house and Thornwell adjusts to the college level quickly, we can do something about the scoring droughts but the main concern is still going to be the lack of frontcourt defense.

  • Don't think Smith, Richardson, Slawson or possibly Leonard may be on team next year as Martin is looking for players to transfer for their last year or two.

  • If Ty Johnson can't contribute next year I would question why he was brought in. He played in all 36 games at Nova as a true frosh, and by next January he will have practiced and played in this system,for this staff, with these players over a year. I don't think there is any question he has to step in and be effective from day one. Whether or not he can carry the team is one thing , but he has to be a key piece. I hadn't even considered otherwise. I think Bruce plays and if he does I think that gives you a pretty good combo.

    Thornwell- who knows? I think he's got to be an 8-10 pts a night and 25 minutes a game guy. I'm not asking for a star, but we can't play him 25 minutes a game through Feb only to discover he can't shoot or play D a la DL.

    Agree w you down low. Hell- that about covers it! We need it all. We need two good ball handlers who can guard, a consistent outside shooting threat, and two post players who can be active, be an enforcer in the paint, and finish. Other than that we are really close!

    Will be interesting to see who stays , who goes, and who comes in.

    This post was edited by simms2000 13 months ago

  • My baseline assumption is that most of the newcomers will help or at least not hurt as the majority of our roster seems replacement value or below.

    With Ty Johnson: 1) Is he a star? 2) Is he a PG, really? 3) Is he going to be able to shoot effectively from deep, or is his shot shaky (didn't shoot it great as a Fr. at Nova).

    With Thornwell: I've never been clear on how big a prospect he was. He's actually rated pretty high and he did well at prep school. A big framed kid that can get to the line; perhaps a borderline McD. AA. But the buzz on him prior to prep seemed to be that he was a solid prospect but not the headliner that the guys coming behind were.

    Throw in the Brenton Williams conundrum, Ellington, and whatever guards we end late and it is all very confusing. Will make for a very interesting exhibition opener for me.