Gamecocks talk 2013 signing class

South Carolina head football coach Steve Spurrier and recruiting coordinator Steve Spurrier Jr. met with the media Wednesday afternoon to discuss the Gamecocks' signing class of 2013, which was ranked 21 in the nation by the industry-generated 247Composite.

Steve Spurrier and Steve Spurrier Jr. discuss the Gamecocks' recruiting class.

South Carolina's 2013 class

"I'm very proud of Jonathan Walton, a young man from the Mobile, Ala. area. He withstood a strong pull from the in-state school, Auburn, to hang on with us. We think he's going to come in and really help us at linebacker, maybe even this year." - Spurrier on signing Walton

"Connor Mitch, a quarterback, he's on campus here now. I saw him out on the field throwing as I looked out through my window today and yesterday. He's thrown about everyday. Seems like he's grown a little bit. He's a good 6-3. He's a young man that really likes football and likes throwing it around. We'll see how he develops as he goes through his career here. There's a chance Connor Mitch may be redshirted -- it just depends on how it goes, but he's fine with that. He's ready to contribute anyway he can." - Spurrier on Mitch

"They did have an excellent year it appears. Their coaches did an excellent job of getting out, as they say, and developing relationships. Ole Miss won their bowl game, went 7-6, they had some momentum, but basically they got out and hustled and convinced players that you can win and win big at Ole Miss. I think it was helpful to have the No.1 recruit, his brother already on the team. So they had a lot of good things going. Give Hugh Freeze and his staff credit for doing an excellent recruiting job this year." - Spurrier on Ole Miss' recruiting class

"The rankings, they're not everything. I heard Lou Holtz, in fact, he was on (TV) later saying you're never going to see TCU, Boise State or Stanford -- and they don't talk much about Oregon either, all day -- and those guys are winning 10 or 11 games every year. It's important, don't get me wrong, but after they get there I believe is most important."

"I have my usual workout at about 10:30, 11:30, a quarter to 12, something like that. I came back and checked on the faxes. I think all of them were in except maybe one that we weren't sure of. That was about it. I made a few calls here and there and talked to some of the guys. That was about it. That's about what I do. You're not going to see me doing a whole bunch of 'rah, rahing' on signing day. I don't think I ever have too much. It's an important day. I'm not trying to sound like it's not important, but we'd rather make our noise out here in Williams-Brice on game day. That's where we'd prefer making our noise, rather than on signing day. We're fired up about these guys -- don't get me wrong -- it's a good, solid class, but the real noise I think is on game days."

"If you don't have a very good season, you need something to get the fans excited for next year. I've never tried to overhype it. I hope I haven't. It's a good, solid group of guys here. A lot of them are going to be very good players here." - Spurrier on the hype of signing day and rankings

"I think some schools like to celebrate this day a lot too, and I don't necessarily think that's our ultimate objective to make this one of the most important dates of the year." - Spurrier Jr. on the hype of signing day

"He's going to be the staff recruiting coordinator. Robbie Liles is actually sort of director of recruiting which Robbie sort of does a lot now in making sure seven guys are on the road, where we are, travel, scholarship numbers, all that kind of stuff. Robbie Liles is sort of our on-campus recruiting director. We gave him the director (title), we have (Spurrier Jr. the title) 'coordinator.'" - Spurrier when asked if they'd hire a new recruiting coordinator with the new NCAA rules

"We don't really advocate that the come early. It's really an individual decision. If a young man certainly wants to stay and enjoy his senior year, if he plays another sport especially, he should stay back and play. Some young men, they're ready to go, they're ready to go to college. Connor Mitch was that way. He's ready to get in and start learning the playbook. He may be out there right now throwing." - Spurrier on early enrollees

"I think he does help and certainly having Marcus around helped, but I certainly believe your freshman guys should be the one (to help recruit), because they're going to be around hopefully another three years. Jadeveon, he's going to play one more season as we know, so the incoming freshmen maybe will play one year with him, but he knows he won't play his career or three years or so with a player that's only going to have one more season. But, again, Jadeveon does a super job of meeting all the guys on the visits and shaking hands and so forth. He's good in recruiting, very good." - Spurrier on Jadeveon Clowney's effect on recruiting

"Certainly like all great players, people know who he is. Any time you're on campus, any time you're at a basketball game with recruits, just see his presence, you kind of recognize how important he is, how important football is here, how much of an impact you can make coming into the SEC and becoming a great player. He's a special guy to have around." - Spurrier Jr. on Clowney's effect on recruiting

"We targeted a couple [wide receivers] early, but said we weren't going to take an average player. We said if we had a chance to take a great one, we were going to do that, if not we didn't feel we needed one. At the time, we weren't sure if Ace was going to leave or not -- I think that may have changed it a little bit, but we feel pretty good about the group we've got. And going into next year, we think we can sign two or three great ones and we look forward to that." - Spurrier Jr. on wide receiver recruiting

"A little bit, but not a lot. Two, three, four years ago, you could sign 30 guys. So, we just kept recruiting and offering and signing guys. But now they only allow so many, so that definitely changes the way you think. You've got to recruit a guy that you know is going to qualify. If he doesn't qualify you can't count it, where in the past he might or might not qualify and honestly right now -- we've got a pretty good group this year -- but in the past, we've signed guys that I don't know if they're going to make it or not. We've had guys with pretty good grades that didn't make it and guys with good grades that didn't, so there's a lot that can happen between the time when a guy commits and the fall and signing day." - Spurrier Jr. on how the NCAA sanctions affected the class

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